Few questions about battery saving apps


Hey guys, i have a Motorola Atrix. Right now i have 3 battery savers, juiceDefender, Easy battery saver, and green power.

- is it bad to have 3 battery savers running at once?

- Green power enables / disables wireless at certain intervals of time, does this mean i cannot receive calls during the disabled times?


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Question 1) Only if they conflict with each other.

Question 2) Wireless can be both wireless, (Cell signal) and mobile data (Internet)or just mobile data. See if the app defines it in alittle more detail. If its just just mobile data, then you will still receive phone calls.

Mr. Lucky

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- is it bad to have 3 battery savers running at once?
Not "bad" but...
every app you have running that monitors backround and running processes consumes CPU cycles, and thus, battery. It kind of defeats the purpose of running a battery saver in the first place. I think you should just pick one and stick with it.


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Install Power Tudor and see how much juice each app is using while monitoring. Turn off PT when done. It lets you see what is consuming battery and eliminates need for "battery savers".