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Fixes to Known Issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Asterdroid, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Asterdroid

    Asterdroid Android Expert
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    So, in an effort to make it a little easier for people to find issues to known problems, I decided to put together a thread with a summary of solutions to known problems with the phone. Please reply to the thread with solutions to current issues with the Incredible or Android in general, and I will update the original post accordingly. I'm hoping we can get this stickied, so if you like the idea, report the post and request that it be stickied :)

    1. Problem: I keep accidentally calling people when I'm trying to open their contact card.

    Solution: There is an application that asks you to confirm any time you dial/call a number. It's available here: Call Confirm.

    2. Problem: When I try to listen to music through an auxiliary cable or headphones, the music stops playing, skips through songs, activates the voice dialer, and does some other unusual things.

    Solutions: The problem is that the phone is recognizing the device you've connected to the headphone jack as a headset with a microphone, and is trying to extablish a 2-way connection to the device instead of just a line-out. This is an issue with both the phone and the cable you are using. There are actually a couple solutions to this problem.

    a. If you are having this issue with a line-out, auxiliary cable, you can just replace the cable with a cable that uses different shielding. The Gigaware gold-plated cables are readily available at Radio Shack and have been tested/proven to solve this issue. In fact I use one myself.

    b. A less expensive solution, especially if the issue is with your headphones and you don't want to replace them, is to download a widget available here: Headset Blocker. It does exactly what the name implies. It's a toggle widget that allows you to block all incoming headset controls.

    3. Problem: My calendar colors do not match the colors I have assigned to them within Google Calendar.

    Solution: Only use the bottom three rows of colors in Google Calendar. Currently they are the only colors that are recognized by mobile devices.

    As I stated above, please reply to this thread with any other fixes to known issues, and I will update the post accordingly. My goal is to have a one stop post for people to go to for fixes to known problems.

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  2. Asterdroid

    Asterdroid Android Expert
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    Bump. Anyone interested in doing this?
  3. baciv

    baciv Newbie

    I think it's an excellent idea, and you just solved my headphone issues... thanks.
  4. Gobstopper

    Gobstopper Lurker

    I like it. I had #1 as a problem until I used google voice confirmation for making my calls.

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