Help flipping attachment button


Since I updated to jellybean 4.1.1 my attachment button has moved just beneath the send button instead of on the opposite side of the message box, this is really annoying and makes me able to see less of the actual messages pane in the background.

it doesnt do this in landscape however, and i am using swiftkey 3

it also does this on the samsung default keyboard though.

any ideas of how to get rid of it?


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Welcome to the forum Tystuh.

It won't be possible to change the layout of the stock messaging app so you might want to look into a third party app. There are loads to choose from so I'm sure one of them will meet your needs.


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As stated before the only way to change would be to change to a different SMS app. I use GoSMS and the attachment button is on the left side and the send is on the right.


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You need to change the keyboard layout. in swiftkey you can choose a number of different ones. the authors are also willing to make additional ones as well if you contact them.

Or you can use a different keyboard than swiftkey.