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TWRP 3.2.3 custom recovery on Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by rooting media, Apr 14, 2020.

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    Download and install the latest TWRP 3.2.3 custom recovery on Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus (2018). By following this easy step by step tutorial, anyone can install the latest twrp recovery on Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus (2018) smartphone. The new twrp 3.2.3 offered a many more new customization features than the previous releases. All the new features and customization options that coming with this latest twrp version is given later part of this tutorial.
    TWRP Recovery for Galaxy A8 Plus 2018

    Before proceed to download and install the custom recovery, you should know that why we need custom recovery over stock recovery. Do you know the benefits of having a custom recovery on your android phone? Stock recovery have limited options and have many limitations regarding device backup, software update and others. But with a custom recovery installed like TWRP, you'll have more advanced customization options such as- backup and restore full system, flashing custom rom, flashing custom kernerls, clear DalVik cache, remove bloatware apps or default apps, install .zip files from other sources, gaining root access, do nandroid backup, overclocking cpu frequencies and many more.
    What is TWRP Custom Recovery:

    TWRP is an open source, community project, developed by TeamWin. Team Win was originally formed to work on porting WiMAX to CM7 for the HTC EVO 4G. After that start working on a recovery project that support more and more devices. Today TWRP is the leading custom recovery for Android phones.

    team win twrp recovery project

    Galaxy A8 Plus (2018) with custom recovery installed will allow more customization, optimization, personalization, update and troubleshooting features. The latest twrp 3.2.3 recovery packs with many new features like above. Check out whats new coming with this release of twrp recovery.
    TWRP 3.2.3 New Features:

    Fix automatic installing of OTA zips on encrypted devices.
    Remove SuperSU from TWRP.
    Support both md5 and md5sum file extensions when doing MD5 checking for zip files.

    Important Notes:
    1. This TWRP Recovery file is only for the Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus (2018) model and not for any other android device.
    2. Do not use this method to install custom recovery in any other android phone, you may hard brick your device.
    3. This TWRP Recovery tutorial is only for unlocked Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus (2018). Please don’t try this on any other variants of the smartphone.
    4. You should do it at your own risk, we are not responsible if anything happen to your device after following this guide.
    5. The tutorials is based on Windows PC.
    1. Check your device battery power, at least 50% battery backup is required.
    2. Backup or copy important data (photos, videos, notes) and settings to external storage (Its optional but taking backup is always a good practice].
    3. Install USB driver for your device on your PC/Laptop- Download USB Driver.
    4. Turn on the USB Debugging mode from Developer Options. Go to Settings-Developer Options [Developer options are hidden by default on all Android device running on Android 4.2 or up. So, to unhide it, go to Settings-About phone on your device and tap Build Number for 7 times) See the image below.
    Android Developer Options

    All the above pre-requisites are very important and must be followed before proceed to installation guide. If you done with all the above instructions, then follow the steps to install TWRP 3.2.3 on Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus (2018).
    TWRP 3.2.3 Custom Recovery for Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus (2018):
    1) Download TWRP 3.2.3 for Galaxy A8 Plus (2018)- Download (twrp-3.2.3-0-jackpot2lte.img.tar.md5).

    2) Download latest Odin software for your PC/Laptop- Download Odin

    3) Now switch off your phone and press and hold the Volume Down+Home+Power buttons together to boot in to Download Mode (long press until a warning screen appear) and after that press Volume Up key to proceed to Download Mode.
    Galaxy A7 A700H Download Mode

    4) Now run the Odin application file as an administrator (Right click on the .exe file and click on Run as administrator)

    5) Now connect your Galaxy A8 Plus (2018) to your computer via USB cable

    6) In Odin screen, you should see a COM Port number like “0:[COM4]” at ID:COM section at top left side and “Added!” text at the log box. This means your device has been successfully detected by Odin.

    Odin Screen

    7) In Odin screen, under Options tab, make sure that, only the “Auto Reboot” and “F. Reset Time” options are checked, no other option should checked.

    Auto Reboot F Reset Time in Odin

    8) Now, click on AP button and select the downloaded .tar TWRP file

    AP button in Odin screen
    9) Finally, click on the Start button to begin the installation process, wait few moments, it may take approximately 3 to 5 minutes to complete.

    10) Once completed, you would see “PASS!” message in ID:COM port having green background

    Pass in Odin
    11) Your device should automatically reboot after completion

    12) You can now disconnect your phone from computer by removing the USB cable

    13) Now, to boot into recovery mode- first completely switch off your device. Now press and hold Volume Up+Home+Power button together for few seconds until Samsung logo appears. Within few moments the device will boot into recovery mode.
    TWRP 3.2.3 Custom Recovery

    14) Now you can go back to your normal Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus (2018) smartphone mode by selecting "reboot system now" from the recovery menu. The smartphone will boot to normal mode.

    Congratulations! you have completed the process to install TWRP 3.2.3 on Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus (2018). Now your device is running with custom recovery like twrp and you can customize and personalize your device any time by boot into install twrp recovery.

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    If any doubt or question drop your comment here.
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    Although the links you provided have good general instructions I couldn't find info specifically for the Samsung Galaxy A8 plus. Thanks for the info. :) I'd like to add, I'm all for root.
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    i call click bait to generate traffic.
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TWRP Manager (Requires ROOT)

TWRP Manager (Requires ROOT) Forum


----------------------------- THIS APP REQUIRES ROOT ACCESS ----------------------------- PLEASE READ BEFORE RATING THIS APP! DESCRIPTION: This app allows you to Install, Backup, Restore, and Wipe your device all using TWRP. We use OpenRecoveryScript to complete these actions. Your device will reboot into TWRP, accomplish the selected tasks and then reboot back to Android. Any issues or errors within the recovery should be addressed with Team Win. We do not make the recovery and cannot support anything beyond our apps. Tools in the app: - Install Recovery: This allows you to install the recovery for supported devices. Not all devices will be supported and giving us a low rating will not change that. We can only add what Team Win provides. - Install: This allows you to flash zips. When you use this option, the app will reboot the recovery, flash the zip and then reboot back to Android. - Backup: There are two types of backups in this app. Classic backups reboot to the recovery and complete the backup as normal before rebooting to Android. Live Backup (paid feature) backs up your phone while you are still using it. This is a very unique feature and saves on down time and increases the amount of time you spend in Android. - Restore: Restores work like classic backups to where the app will reboot into the recovery and complete the restore before rebooting into Android. - Partitions: The app scans the available partitions and gives you a list. You can then backup an image of the partition in case there are issues in the future. This is useful for backing up your EFS partition as well as boot and recovery. There is an option to remove ads to help support our company. It's only $0.99 and helps keep us running so that we can provide the core app for free. If you are at all unhappy with your purchase email us at the email address below with if you would like us to fix the issues or just refund your money. Either way we will happily oblige. FAQs Q: My device isn't listed but it's officially supported, why? A: check under your device's codename. If you still can't find it, email us and we will assist you. Q: Why isn't my device listed? Why don't you support my device? A: We do not make the recovery, Team Win does. If they don't support it, we cannot support it either. You can see the full list here: https://twrp.me/Devices/ TROUBLESHOOTING Several features are incompatible with different versions of BusyBox. This is why we require you to use the Stericson BusyBox. It is the only one we have tested that works flawlessly. If you have any issues or questions please either email us and we will assist. We only have so many devices to test on. For support: Send email to support@jmzsoft.com A support ticket will be created automatically when you send an email to this address. OR Visit http://www.jmzsoftware.com and click the help button and create a ticket there.

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