free game Farmer sniper versus wolves



I am very pleased to annouce my new game that can be found here:

You can have a look at the video as well:

You are a farmer and you just have to protect your sheeps. To win you must hit all the wolves. If the wolves kill all your sheeps you loose. If you hit your own sheeps of course you are having penalties. You can only turn left, right, up and down by just moving your finger on the screen.
On the upper left corner of the screen you are having some info on bullets, sheeps and wolves left.
On the right side you have the fire icon to shot and a binocular icon to zoom in and out.


Interesting game, certainly not like one I've played before. A few comments:

It would be nice if the zoom was a little more powerful, it feels like barely zooms in at all.
Its a bit OTT on the adverts. In particular the banner ad at the bottom that partially covers the fire button gets in the way.

The exit button seems to crash the phone! (Samsung Galaxy S3)


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Thank you for the review, i managed to repro the crash only once but working on it will redesign where the ad is showing as well.