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[FREE][GAME] Piano Tiles Don't Tap or Touch

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by androidcolor, Jan 17, 2016.

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    “Piano Tiles Don’t Tap or Touch” is an addictive game with a lot of fun and music.
    How to play:
    - Tap fast with your fingers only the blue tiles, follow the music to reach the end of the piano songs.
    - Avoid and don't tap or touch the white tiles or the red tiles (in Bomb mode)
    - Four different levels are available: Classic, Arcade, Zen and Bomb.
    - Sound can be controlled on and off
    - Score tracking option
    - Attractive colors (blue and white clouds instead of black and white).
    - Simple and intuitive interface and easy to play.

    This game is suited for everyone, and can be played at any time, at home, outside or everywhere.

    Get this free game, and discover your abilities. “Piano Tiles Don’t Tap or Touch” is a fun way to fill free time with absolute fun and entertainment.

    Download it now and enjoy it.

    If you like this game please remember to rate it, as honest ratings encourage us to update and make new features in the game.

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