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G1 users getting N1 upgrade?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by alamoe, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. alamoe

    alamoe Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I just saw a tweet by @AndroidGuys that said: RUMOR: "Per T-Mobile retail in DC, G1 users will be able to upgrade to the Nexus One tomorrow, without waiting on contract to expire."
    If its true how sweet would that be?!?

  2. xtop

    xtop Android Enthusiast

    sure, pay 530 bucks for an unlocked phone and you're good to go ;)
  3. johnkzin

    johnkzin Well-Known Member

    Didn't you post this twice?

    Anyway, same thing I said in the other copy of this thread:

    not at all sweet. No physical keyboard = no interest.
  4. xtop

    xtop Android Enthusiast

    so why post? ;)
  5. alamoe

    alamoe Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Yeah posted twice LOL; posted in TMO section then thought about it and posted in the Nexus one section. But anyway, the way TMO releases have been recently i have a feeling that this may be the best phone available with TMO until 2011. Some may say the X10 is better but i don't think so. Plus, Google's gonna push the updates to the N1 as soon as they're available.
  6. alamoe

    alamoe Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    by "upgrade" i'm hoping they mean at a cheaper price (please??? LOL) since the G1 is practically "obsolete" in many peoples eyes. They may start losing a lot of 2-year contract-having G1 users to other carriers if not. The G1 was Google's first "Google Phone" and if it can't be upgraded to the latest OS then they have to work something out soon. The people I know with non-rooted G1's are miserable right now.
  7. johnkzin

    johnkzin Well-Known Member

    The question was asked. I answered :)
  8. six2one

    six2one Newbie

    no chance of upgrade.

    with android phones its completely pointless to "buy for the future". however with snapdragon in the nexus this is a pretty good landing to be ok for awhile.

    which is why i have waited on getting an android phone till there was a snapdragon variant. i feel bad for all the droid owners, physical keyboard or not the screen and speed of this phone is better than anything ive ever seen. also, motorola historically makes pretty shittily built phones in my opinion (iden phones excluded)

    ive played with it several times. see my other posts for some details.

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