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Galaxy 10.1 Note, Wifi

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Scoobydoo25, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Scoobydoo25

    Scoobydoo25 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi everyone, I have done all the into stuff

    I got a new Christmas Prezzie, its as above

    Now as I know nothing about the android system or applications, how do I use em ?
    Not really into games, or other time wasting stuff, but someone must think I do or they wouldnt have paid for this

    I'd like to read books on it (I know I could have got a kindle, a Nook or a Nobo, but I didnt get a choice

    I loaded up a micro SD card, inserted it, all the books in there are MOBI format, downloaded the kindle app so I could read them, only to find out the format isnt supported

    So after reading all I could find about these books and this app I am still none the wiser

    I have had this thing since Christmas day and so far all I have done is set up my email, the wifi, downloaded various maps and looked on the internet, signed into Skype (what a waste of time that was, better off using my iPod)

    The idea was, I take this with me on my travels, I post my blog, photos, answer emails, read books (when I aint listening to them on my iPod) I could watch films, TV series, from the SD card, but so far, nothing I have put on this SD card works (the kindle app is rubbish, I cant get it to work) only thing I did find to work was anything Adobe

    Can anyone give me a bit of help advice with this thing ?

    I'd like to give it a try and take this with me, rather than my laptop, I'd rather carry one thing than 2, my bergen is heavy enough as it is, without lugging something I cant use or is just too complicated

    I have been told its intituitive, I havent found it easy at all, it bear no relationship to anything I have used in the past

    Please help a bloke out :rolleyes: it really would appreciated

    (just treat me like the new kid at school, who just dont know how things work round here)

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  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    well try this app:

    it supports mobi format.

    other then that not really sure what you are asking.

    yes android does take some getting used to. it is way more customizable then an ipad so you can make it look different. my note will look different then yours. that is one reason why i like android.

    also the note has a bunch of cool features that utilize the stylus. you also have photoshop built in so you can edit photos as well.

    so other then read books, what else would you like to know about the note 10.1"?
  3. Galaxy Tab2 47

    Galaxy Tab2 47 Android Enthusiast

    I have pictures and movies and files on my sd memory card. I use Kingsoft Office to view my files.
  4. Scoobydoo25

    Scoobydoo25 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for both replies

    I downloaded this kindle thing for android, I then loaded the books onto a micro SD card, then when I tried to open them, it came up with format not suported, all the books were in Mobi format, which I thought was the format kindle and android needed to let me be able to read them

    I assume that this was right, as for anything else on the galaxy, I dont know what it can/cant do

    I didnt do much on the laptop, just load audio books onto my iPod, answer emails, write my blog, store photos, upload and download photos, watch films/TV episodes (I had stored on my external HD)
    I can copy films/TV episodes to my SD card, but knowing what format I need to watch them on the Galaxy would be good, I can convert them before I go anywhere, I assume that MP3's play on a Galaxy ?
    Only draw back so far is I have to download stuff from my HD to a SD card, then put the SD card into the Galaxy, there is no where to plug in a external HD, so it looks like I will have tyo take both with me if I want to watch any films/TV and put stuff on to my iPods

    I am open to any suggestions what I can do on the Galaxy, but games, I dont see the point, I dont win anything, its just something to kill time with, watching films/TV is something to do in the evenings/dark nights

    The link you sent me, does it convert the format to something the android can use to read books ?

    I dont want to go out and buy ebooks when I have all these I havent read yet

    What format does android need to enable me to watch films/TV programs ? (IF I wanted to watch stuff on the iPods, I would use a handbrake program)

    Can I convert them ? (I do for the iPod, but thats such a small screen, I dont bother watching anything on that)
  5. Szadzik

    Szadzik Extreme Android User

    Kindle is not the best ebook reader in that it does not allow you to import your own library from anywhere. You have to put those books in a specific directory in phone memory: sdcard>Android>Data>com.amazon.kindle folder.

    I use Moon+ Reader myself.

    You will learn just like everyone else has :)

    Built-int video Player will work with regular video files, no conversion needed.

    No conversion is needed for anything, this is not an iPod where everything is in a proprietary, Apple-owned and double-patented format.
  6. Scoobydoo25

    Scoobydoo25 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi Szadzik
    I know Kindle isnt really user friendly, especially if you have your own books, even the kindle fire isnt up to much, not a great lover of Amazon, either, I just buy paper books from them

    That's why the wife bought me this ;) so I didnt buy an ebook reader


    I assume when you say 'regular' video files, you mean AVI ?


    So I put these books on my SD card, put it in the Galaxy, then use one of these programs to read them ? YES ?


    How do I make a web page a favourite ?

    Like this forum, ebay, BBC iplayer :)


    iPods are pretty good, I had no problem just open the box and away I went, only draw back is putting stuff on them can take ages (I dont buy from them, dont even use an app from them, their ebook reader is easy though, just so small)

    Yes I guess I will learn, but if it dont do what I expect or want it to do, it will end up in a drawer with all the other obsolete players or stuff I dont use, or end up on ebay :mad:
  7. Szadzik

    Szadzik Extreme Android User


    When you install Moon+ Reader yo ucan set it up to show books from the folder you have them in, or put them in the folder it creates automatically.

    When o nthe page, hit the favourites button in top-right corner and hit the '+' sign and it will show a dialogue window to do it.

    Too much tinkering with synchronization instead of just drag and drop for me. Expensive as hell too. Limited functionality. Proprietary file formats for everything.

    Give yourself soem time and make small steps at a time. You will get used to it and get to love it.

    Download the manual from Samsung website and read it, might help.
  8. Scoobydoo25

    Scoobydoo25 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I did download the PDF file from Samsung, but it never really told me much, just the basic stuff really

    well, I have to admidt about iPods, there is a bit of buggering about (same as an iPad, which I really didnt want, even as a gift, the mini either, iPods are great for audio books and music, and thats all I use em for)


    Do I have to move the books to the Galaxy ? if so how ? or can I read them from the SD card ?

    Will films play from the SD card ? (AVI, WM, Mpeg, this apple format, mp4, I think)

    I have a 16 Gb card, what is the largest the Galaxy can handle ? (I have 2 of them, one for the Galaxy, 1 for my camera)


    I would like to learn to love it, after all the wife bought it for me, and I really dont want to p**s her off


    Cant take much smaller steps, turn on, fill in the forms, register it, find my WiFi, log into emails, turn off shut down, and that is all I have done, oh yes, downloaded kindle, deleted kindle,

    Now reading all this on my PC ;)


    When I get a bit more confidence in the Galaxy, I'll try again with it :thinking:
  9. Szadzik

    Szadzik Extreme Android User

    They will be fine on SD Card . As I said, use Moon Reader.


    They will.

    64Gb is the largest currently available and it works fine.

    Learn, learn, experiment. You will learn it and enjoy it.

    Not a good idea to give up after 30 minutes of using it.

    You will not ge tany confidence if you keep it in your drawer. It is like trying to learn to drive with your car in the garage.

    Plus, you have to try and reasearch things on your own, not only rely on a simple Q>A in here.
  10. Scoobydoo25

    Scoobydoo25 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Oh, come on, the grand kids are leaning to drive on a Wii, no licence, no insurance, no age barriers, you even get to crash and walk away or play again ;)

    My car is on the drive way, I make all the right noises, but dont go anywhere

    But I did try to do things on the Galaxy, a lot of the apps have no interest for me, those I opened, I tried to delete, in the end I just formatted it and went back to it being a new Galaxy, with nothing on it, then I had to put it on charge, the battery was dying on me(it lasted longer than my laptop, about 4 times longer)

    But everything you have posted has been very helpful AND informative

    I never knew they made SD cards that big, WOW :)

    So I read and play from the SD card, thats sorta handy :) (just sometimes forget how to find it)

    Is it okay to put a screen protector on this ? (it's getting a lot of finger marks on it)

    I got a case on its way :) with a key board, cant really get on with the on screen version :(

    When I got my first computer, it was a sinclair thing, then all the other stuff followed, there wasnt any forums to ask anything, there was scarcely an internet, so Q&A is the fastest way these days, not the on the job leaning there was then

    I remember when everything was in hard back books, and had to be written with a ink pen, not copied and pasted from a web page, things had to be researched from a book, they even had libaries to visit, rather than just use the wifi

    Forums and Q&A are the way to go, and long may they flourish
  11. Scoobydoo25

    Scoobydoo25 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    If I download any programs, books (I have found some free ebooks) music, films, where does it store them on the Galaxy /

    What is the default folder(s) ?

    Can anything on the SD card be copied/moved to the Galaxy ?

    Where would they be moved to ?

    Is there any way of altering the screen stuff that I have on my Galaxy ? (some of the stuff on there is really annoying)

    How do I make a favoutite of a webpage, a folder, a file ?

    Do I need any anti virus soft ware on my Galaxy ? (I have Avast on my PC)

    How do I turn off my email without turning off the wifi ?
  12. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    my you have a lot of questions....keep em coming if you got them LOL

    i'm gonna number them so as to make it easier for us to answer them

    1.no need to reformat the tablet. just go into your settings>apps>find your app and select it>then select uninstall.

    2.yes....i use zagg invisishield on my tablet and it works great on keep fingerprints down.....highly recommend it.

    3.it can be found on your sd card in the download folded. any time you download anything from the net it will be there.

    4.yes you can copy the sd card to your computer. i always recommend backing your stuff up as much as you can.

    5.not sure what you mean here. what system stuff? the only way to delete system apps is to root the tablet....which is kind of like jailbreaking an iphone.

    6.well it would depend on your web browser. i do not have the note as my tablet....so it will depend on the browser. check at the top of the browser. usually there are settings and stuff that can be found there for you to bookmark your favorite web page. as far as folders go i do not think you can do that....never seen a reason to do that. what folder to do you want to make a favorite out of?

    7.i never have seen a need for it to be honest. however, i do use lookout which does have anitvirus plus it has the ability to lock the phone down if you loose it or it gets stolen. you can also locate your device should that happen.

    8.you can go into notifications in the tablet settings and turn off the notifications or you can delete the account in the sync settings of your tablet.
  13. Scoobydoo25

    Scoobydoo25 Newbie
    Thread Starter


    Yup, lots of questions and hopefully lots of answers
    I, I didnt know that (until I got answers here
    2, It arrived today, its now wearing a shield
    3, Ah, the SD card, I use my PC to put stuff on the SD card, usually from my external HD (as I cant connect it to the Galaxy)
    4, I copy stuff to the SD card from my PC, not from the Galaxy to my PC
    5, the things that spin about on the Galaxy screen when I swipe it, I think they are apps or something, What on earth is jail breaking ? I have never owned a mobile (cell) phone
    6, A favourite web page on the Galaxy, I know how to do it on a PC (I found a web page that has links to free ebooks, so I would like to save it as a favourite
    7 I keep getting a pop up on my PC about getting an anti virus for androids
    8, I dont want to delete my email account, just turn it off (I just dont want reminding I have mail all the time)

    So Thanks
  14. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    3.samsung has a usb adapter that you can get to hook up your external hardrive.


    4. ok i see what you are saying. yes you can move file from the sd card to the note. you will need to use a file manager and then copy the file or folder by long pressing it then go into to the tablet and paste your file or folder there (this is all done in the file manager app)

    5.ok got it. the screen that spins around is called the home screen. and yes you can change what you want on it. to add apps to the home screen you need to go into the app drawer, top right corner. long press on the app you want and move it to where ever you want it on the screen.

    to delete it again long press it and look for the remove icon (usually at the top of the screen) and remove it.

    you can also choose different backgrounds by long pressing on the home screen. you have choices of using pictures or live wallpapers.

    and lastly for #5 jailbreaking and rooting is basically removing apple's and samsung's securities so that you can set admin rights to your phone. once that is done you have access to change pretty much anything on your device. (warning this does void your warranty)

    6.yes saving websites is called bookmarking. it should be similar to how you do it on your pc. but again, it will depend on the browser. look at the top area, there should be a settings or something where you can bookmark it.

    7.not sure on your popup on your pc. getting an anitvirus is up to you. it mainly works on apps anyways. and as long as you are going to safe reputable websites then you should be fine.

    8.that is what i was trying to explain. you just need to stop the email notifiaction. it is found in the tablets settings.
  15. Scoobydoo25

    Scoobydoo25 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Right I'm off to put some of this into practice now, lets see how I get on now
  16. Scoobydoo25

    Scoobydoo25 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Just tried to install this reader, it came up with its incompatible with my device, what next then ?

    It called it this device a GT -N8010
  17. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    well i have never heard of mobi so you will have to search apps that are available for your device that can read mobi formats.

    try some of these suggestions found in this thread:
  18. Scoobydoo25

    Scoobydoo25 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Not really sure what happened with it, but I Put the SD card in it all loaded and installed

    Mobile is a format for ebooks

    So far I on this Galaxy and it's working okay, just trying to make iPlayer a favourite and radio stations,

    Any suggestions ?
  19. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    not sure what you mean by favorites. if you mean by putting it on the homescreen for your music player then do the same thing as you would with any apps (long press it in the app drawer and move it to the home screen.

    and i'm not sure that it comes with a radio player. if anything you can get radio apps but they may play some local radio stations. the one i like is tunein or iheart radio. both you can get in the play store.
  20. Scoobydoo25

    Scoobydoo25 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    That's right, so I don't have to keep searching for them,

    I have a Tuning account, just haven't used it in ages, didnth know there was an app for it, thanks for the reminder, I can get my radio on there, and a few I can't get in the U.K.

    How do I delete an app?

    I want to put a clock on the home screen (the first screen I see)
  21. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    you can't just delete an app, you will have to uninstall it. go to settings>apps>find the app and unistall it.

    to get a clock you can use the one that comes with the tablet or you can get some clock apps that are out. for me i like beautiful widgets. now once you get the app downloaded and installed then just long press on the homescreen and select widgets, find the clock you like and select it.
  22. Scoobydoo25

    Scoobydoo25 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Great, all done now

    I spent quite a bit of time playing with it, bringing up different apps, and getting rid of them
    The Tunein app doest let me sign in, so I cant get to my favourite stations, oh, well at least its a radio

    The iPlayer doesnt have an app

    I have tried to make things a favourite (or book mark) but when I looked I didnt have any, I thought the star thing was to bookmark them (or favourite)

    Well, its gone okay and I have learnt a lot from being in here I think I have got a bit more to learn and pick up, but as I have been told, small steps

    I looked for the attachment to connect the external HD on ebay and I am not sure what I am looking at there, (some had leads attached, some didnt) so I have no idea how much one would cost

    Any way, its a new year now, so Happy New Year everyone
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  23. Szadzik

    Szadzik Extreme Android User

    USB adapters come in different types. They all work, though. As long as it is a Galaxy Tab accessory wit the big connector on the end of the Note it will be fine. Remember, that if yo uwant to connect anything but a USB stick, you need additional power. I use a portable battery and a y-cable so that hte portable battery delivers power to the HDD and the Note just reads data. NTFS is not supported by default. FAT32 is your best bet.

    Edit: Is it BBC iPlayer you are looking for?
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  24. Scoobydoo25

    Scoobydoo25 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    My external HD uses the power from what ever I plug it into (desktop PC, lap top) would it work on the Galaxy ?

    I'll have to check and see if they are FAT32

    Yes, BBC iPlayer (in fact any of the iPlayers)

    There are a couple I am watching on ebay, are these Chines knock offs any good ? (there are lots of them)
  25. Szadzik

    Szadzik Extreme Android User

    Nope, the Note will not provide enough power for the HDD to work, you need an external power source.

    I see a few of them on Play Store.

    They will work as long as they are a Galaxy Tab/ Galaxy Note 10.1 accessory.
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