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Galaxy Note LTE Game Emulator Button Problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ppking123, May 9, 2012.

  1. ppking123

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    I recently tried out a few emulators on my Galaxy Note:
    - PCE.emu
    - Nesoid
    - SNESoid
    - Mame4All
    - FPSe

    They all seems to have problem with shmup games, where if I hold the fire button (for continuous shooting), and using the directional button normally, after about 10-20 sec or so, the fire button would become non-responsive as well the directional button would move back to the center position and behaving strangely, like moving in the opposite direction of the movement.

    I was researching this problem on the web but cannot find any solution. My friend has the above emulators installed on his HTC android and does not have any issue, as such I think this is a problem specific to the device. Other phone operation on my galaxy note behaving normally, as well other games like angry bird are running fine.

    Just wondering if others have similar issue as well would be able to provide any help on this.



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