So when I get a new email from my gmail account, the icon appears on my drop down menu. When I click the notification it brings me to the email, but the notification remains at the top of the bar until I click it again, which brings me to my inbox. This is not really a big issue, it just kind of gets annoying clicking every email twice. Any solutions? Thanks in advance!
I noticed that too. What I also noticed is that the notification goes away if you do one of three things:

  1. reply to the message (goes away after reply is sent)
  2. press the back button (if not replying but leaving the message in the inbox)
  3. tap the Archive button (if not replying and want the message out of the inbox)
So, I've just gotten in the habit of making sure I always do one of these three actions after reading each message.
I'm having the same problem. Is there anyway to fix it without having to reply, archive, or hit the back button?