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Google Goggles: Boo Google, Forcing Us To Beta Test

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by blackraistlin, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. blackraistlin

    Thread Starter

    User Interface: It's minimalistic just like anything we get from the Goog. Which we all love.

    Concept: This application is the perfect complement to Google's web app portfolio. Picture Search! What's wrong? Well, this application still misses way too much. I've had hard time with even simple logos (i.e. Pepsi can). And yes, I am careful as to how I take the picture. It's currently easier for me to do a typed search. Have you noticed how Google asks for feedback from every photo? They know it's not complete. I take issue with Google "crow-barring" this into the stock apps for Android 2.1. We are unable to delete this application without rooting our phones. There is a faction on the market that feel like I do, that we should be able to delete this unfinished app from our phones.

    Overall: 2.0/5.0 I would give this application a 3.5/5.0, but given the fact that we are forced to beta test it for Google, it loses major points. People are usually willing to beta test if you make it a privilege, not when we are forced. When this application gets close to the accuracy of a typed search, this is application is a definite 5.0/5.0. I'll even forget that we were forced to beta test it.


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