Help Google Phone dialer app - backup and restore


Nov 26, 2020
Hi, i need your advice please, guys.

I have problems with Google phone dialer app, the only way to fix it is to delete the data of the app or to uninstall it.

I dont want to lose the call logs nor the recordings.

Is there a way i can backup these things and restore them at a later point?

Let me know please

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Try using the 'SMS Backup & Restore' app. Even though its name only refers to text messaging, it also includes phone call logs. I've used it several times over the years transferring call logs with a wide variety of phones and it's a reliable utility. It will save your phone call log as a xml file. It's just a tiny text file so you save it directly to an online storage service (i.e. your Google Drive), or save to your phone and then just send an email to yourself with the file as an attachment.
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I'm not even sure that clearing the app's data would delete the call log: other dialers can access the call log too, which means it isn't internal to the default dialer (like SMS/MMS are owned by a separate system app so that any SMS app can be used rather than the message belonging to one particular app). But to play safe do a backup as described above, then if clearing the dialer's data does delete the call log you can easily restore it (I've used that app to restore such data after changing phones).
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