Google Voice is Working on Boost!


I just thought I would pass on the word that Google Voice is now fully functional on my ZTE Warp. I both make, and receive calls via my GV number.

I am also mildly impressed how quickly boost fixed this issue. I emailed them a couple of weeks ago, they called me back the next day and apologized and said they didn't offer it. I was impressed with the quick call back, and as expected they just didn't offer the service, but now a few weeks later it is working on my phone.

A couple of things that I was disappointed about, they didn't announce it, or tell anyone for that matter it was left for us to figure it out. Also when you make a call out via GV it say "Calling via Google Voice XXX-XXX-XXXX" and the phone number listed is neither my GV number nor the number on my phone, and will periodically change. I have verified that the proper number does ring on the persons phone all the time, so in perspective this is not an issue, just an annoyance.

The data service where I live is also a little choppy, and I had to actually tell it in the GV app settings to use the phones texting service because the GV app uses data and was disgustingly slow because my internet speeds are significantly less than impressive.

I know most people don't use this, but I use it with my Obitalk, and love it. Free home phone, ability to text from any computer or my phone. Awesome!



Mine was working, now it has stopped.
In google voice setting it now says:
"Unfortunately, Google Voice cannot be enabled on this Sprint phone. Please contact Sprint for more details as to why this cannot be enabled."

This happened in the past week or two. My Warp still rings for incoming calls but txt do not forward and when I call out it is direct and no longer goes through GV.