Google Wants To Put Your Gmail Content Into Your Search Results??


Android Expert
I don't see the big deal here. If you're signed in to your account, when you search using the search page it's integrating a search of your mailbox. The key here is that YOU will get results from YOUR account and you HAVE to be signed in to YOUR account to see it. Consider it saving you a step, with this integration you'll no longer need to actually go into your gmail to perform a search of your mailbox, you can just do it right from the main page.

It's not like Google is crawling your mailbox to add content to other people's results. They're not storing information from your mailbox in the regular search database, and the content is already stored on their servers anyway.


Android Expert
I personally prefer the separation. I hardly ever search my email, but I do often search google with other people looking on the screen. I guess that could result in some unfortunate things for some people. Probably not myself, because most of my emails are quite bland... ;)

(In my head, this will turn into some 'embarrassing' legend on Snopes ;))