hello folks.


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I need help on how to download the new 2.1 leak to my hero can anybody help??? This is not only for me their are a couple of people out there that all need help. thanks everyone.:)


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hi and welcome to the dark side...

I am assuming you have a Sprint HERO on CDMA network.
here is a link to a lot of reading you will need to do:
[REF] ALL ROMS | ROOTING | FAQ's | STICKIES | POSTING RULES - Read before posting - xda-developers

you will need to learn about
rooting the phone
to do a Nandroid Backup in Recovery Mode
then flashing the new custom ROM

advice: do not flash the new Leak Sprint 2.1 ROM.
i think there are a lot if issues that a NOOB will have hard time handling. Let one of the great developers, make a custom ROM of it first and tested for your safety.
Use one of the tested Android 2.1 Custom ROMs. example from DamageControl or Flipz.

I am using DC 2.08.1 and it is stable, fast, and everything is working.