Android Expert
Sep 9, 2011
South Jersey
I have been a lurker here for almost 4 months now.:rolleyes:
So I thought it was time to join this great site.
4 months? Wow! Long time! Glad you signed up! I signed up right away. I got a head start in post count, there. :p

Welcome! :) :)
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I have a Samsung SCG-i910 Ominia II which is a windows mobile phone.
And my next phone will be an Android. That is why I was a lurker. I needed to get the lo-down on what is what before I joined.

I have been able to upgrade for sometime now, but there really is not anything that is worth the upgrade at this point.

The Charge is a nice phone, but I am holding out for a dual core.

PS. Bionic does not cut it for me either.....:D
Yes. I have been reading the Nexus Prime Sub forum for sometime now and that will be my next phone. I was holding off for the Galaxy S2, but Verizon screwed that idea up for me....

I have been holding off on an upgrade for about 5 months now. It is getting tuff to hang in there.
Welcome, vandyman!

Glad you finally signed-up :).

I say we go ahead and ask Phases to combine yours and Steven's post and thanks counts -- you don't mind, do you Steven? :eek: :D ;)

After all, your both mates from Jersey, right? :)


P.S., I'm tentatively holding-out for the Nexus Prime, too.
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