Android Enthusiast
Oct 30, 2009
I have better keyboard. Dl android skin from extreme labs. I think I uninstalled it and see no evidence of it on my phone, yet in he market it is listed as installed. Frustrating.
From the market can you click on it and choose uninstall?

Maybee try to restart the phone
No, didn't explain well. Iinstalled this skin, I think I uninstalled. In settings,apparently its not listed. In market listed as downloaded/installed. If I click it option to instal/uninstall is greyed out! Stuck
Thx, but where on Droid are dl apps stored. Can't find em with astro. So weird in market option to open or uninstall greyed out. Must have fragment somewhere
Try this, go to your system settings, then Applications, then click Manage Applications, click the app you want to delete and then try that uninstall button. You might need to delete the skin first.