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help installing aloysius rom.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by NickDroid86, May 23, 2010.

  1. NickDroid86

    NickDroid86 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I have the official21 Rom that came with the all in one file. I just installed the aloysius Leo Rom and moved it to my root of my SD card. Downloaded it with my Eris. Did the wipe and dalvik wipe then flashed from my SD card but now its saying "aborted. Failed line 2(something like that) any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I'm doing it all from my Eris.

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  2. NickDroid86

    NickDroid86 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    It stops at verifying update packages. Doesn't go any further. Do I need to rename it?
  3. MJL

    MJL Android Enthusiast

    Where did you get your version of aloysius? Some verisons are for the hero and should not be installed on the eris. When you say Leo, do you mean LWP? I would try downloading the zip again from here HTC Droid Eris ROM Site

    Sometimes I get downloads that are corrupted and need to redownload to get them to work.
  4. s_wall98

    s_wall98 Newbie

    Like MJL said, download it on your computer from the eris rom website then copy the zip over to the root director of your sd card. Reboot in recovery, do the 2 wipes then flash and you should be good. I'd say you got a corrrupt file. Also, I've had better luck downloading to a computer then transferring to my phone but that might just be me
  5. NickDroid86

    NickDroid86 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I figured it out, the one i got was.... There was a link posted in the eris forums for the rom, he also posted where he originally got the rom on xda, I went there and got it. I guess what the original guy did was mod it to work on eris...Went back and got that one and it worked, but i hated it..took up waaaay too much memory.
  6. Spencer_Moore

    Spencer_Moore Newbie

    gotta enable app2sd! Partiton the sdcard upgrade to ext3 and the rest is magic
  7. dirtmouth

    dirtmouth Android Enthusiast

    oh? ill be looking back at this as i am rooting atm, with that rom.....
  8. rvpartsguy

    rvpartsguy Android Enthusiast

    this is one of the best roms out there ....very cean and very smooth ...you will not be disappointed

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