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help! my sensation keeps shutting down randomly

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tntxplosion, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. tntxplosion

    tntxplosion Newbie
    Thread Starter

    my phone just keeps shutting down and i dont know whats happening is there any way to rectify this. please help.

  2. peterc10

    peterc10 Android Enthusiast

    I think you need to give us a few more clues. When does it happen? Is it always when you are using it in a particular way or with a particular app running? Is it when it is in sleep mode as well as when you are using it?

    I assume by "shutting down" you mean powering down and not just the screen switching off?
  3. yujinn

    yujinn Lurker

  4. trdrake

    trdrake Lurker

    My HTC Sensation is shutting down randomly.... i can just pull it out of my pocket and it off and needs to be booted up. What can i do to resolve the problem i've only had it a month.
  5. yujinn

    yujinn Lurker

    So it seems there's an issue with the phone being put inside pockets :-/
    I'm guessing it has something to do with overheating.
    If so, is it a feature to shutdown when it gets hot? At what temp. does it shutdown?
  6. trdrake

    trdrake Lurker

    It can't go above 60 degrees celsius but not sure at waht temp it's shutting down. Surly it can't be exceeding that in my pocket overwise you would feel it.
  7. peterc10

    peterc10 Android Enthusiast

    I have mine in my trouser pocket quite often, but it does not have this problem. I think you need to look elsewhere for the cause.
  8. trdrake

    trdrake Lurker

    SO what am i looking for a mechanical issue or a virus possibly either way it shouldn't be happening a month into purchase surely.
  9. peterc10

    peterc10 Android Enthusiast

    What apps did you install or start using before it started to have this problem? Remember apps often work in the background sending or receiving data, and they can sometimes force a close. Try uninstalling them one by one and see if that makes any difference.

    I have never heard of virus problems on Android phones, but they may be about :eek:. I know AVG have a free virus app in the market (which suggests that ther could be Android viruses) - you could try that.
  10. danski

    danski Member

    I had the same issue up till a couple of weeks ago, seemed to be when the phone was charging - I`d have it plugged into my lappie, go to check the phone, and its off.

    Dont despair, I found a solution by mistake.

    Get yourself an Anker battery.

    Never had the problem since.
  11. master_yoda

    master_yoda Android Enthusiast

    Are you saying your sensation gets up to 60c on the battery temp reading? If it does Theres your answer. I Would contact HTC and tell them how hot its getting and that it keeps shutting down, they will have it in for repair.

    You shouldnt really be seeing temps above 50c max.

  12. tntxplosion

    tntxplosion Newbie
    Thread Starter

  13. beirdo

    beirdo Lurker

    I have the same exact problem, except mine started shutting down the day after I upgraded to 2.3.4. I followed the steps posted further up and formated my phone and it helped for about a day, but it still shut's down. I also noticed that it shut's off when I place it on a desk. I purposely left the phone on a desk to see if it shut's off and it does. I doubt it's overheating as I also left it in the car outside for a couple of hours and the temperature inside the car was around 5-10 degree's celsius. I think the problem is with the 2.3.4 upgrade. Even though that was one of the fix's, it actually created the problem instead of fixing it. Anyone else having this issue after upgrading?
  14. This has been happening to me for about 2 months now, but the only place I can remember it happening is at work where the signal always goes dead on me and once I get home it never switches off. So I put my phone in flight mode when I was in work and it didn't switch off once but when I turned off flight mode the phone swiched off straight away.

    So I am assuming from this that it has to do something to do with the signal dropping out.

    Has anybody noticed this happening when you are in a bad signal area?

    I really need a fix to this because I need my phone during work. Has anybody had success with a fix for this at all??
  15. DarthIris

    DarthIris Lurker

    Here I was thinking that it is just my Sensation that had a auto shutdown feature :)

    I have tried the following
    1. How to calibrate HTC Desire battery - Smartphone Gurus
    2. Phone reset - I tried this via the option in settings and also via the boot mode (volume down + power button). This helped for 2 days or so and then the problem returned.
    3. It is quite random - I have been trying to find a pattern but so far no luck. I still haven't verified the bad signal quality theory.
    4. It started happening 1 week after I upgraded to 2.3.4.

    HTC contact centre had just advised phone reset. Nothing useful from them so far.

    Anyone has overcome this problem ?


  16. Did you put it in flight mode? It didn't switch off once when I had mine in flight mode. I know thats not a solution to the problem but I just want to see is it working for pther people in flight mode.

    Also I've tried putting it on charge when it shut down by itself and this seems to work for a few hours, so instead of it turning off every 10-20 mins i get a few hours use out of the phone ha.
  17. AviL

    AviL Lurker

    I had the same problem it kept switching off i rang my service provider who gave me 3 options 1.Get a repair booked in 2. get a replacement "refurbished" phone or 3. Contact HTC.
    I rang HTC who advised me to reset the phone and if it happens again it would need a repair and so like a fool deleted my entire phone and it was still happening
    I was so annoyed i rang my service provider and left me with the 2 options i was not happy with any of them after a lil argument i just asked them if they ever heard of the "Sale and Supply of Goods Act" and that got me my brand new phone delivered
  18. samsmith25

    samsmith25 Lurker

    Hey guys ... ive got a similar problem with mine ... It just switches off. I've also noticed after the 2.3.4 update it keeps taking screen shots when i press the home button. The problem is the power key at the top. I'm gonna try t mobile and c if they will replace it!
  19. peterc10

    peterc10 Android Enthusiast

    The screen shots is a feature of 2.3.4. It will happen if you press the power button and home at the same time.
  20. bennyboy456

    bennyboy456 Lurker

    Thanks for your advice, but after a couple of hours with no apps on my phone after a full factory reset the problem started again (looking at my phone to find it turn off, and then starting it up to find the battery level had gone crazy)

    I did a bit of research on other forums and found this advice SEE BELOW, which has been working for over 2 days now! fingers crossed it now.

  21. cANDYman123

    cANDYman123 Lurker

    I'm two months into a contract and my phone has been randomly shutting down since day 1. It's safe to say this issue has been affecting my work/life.
    According to my provider, this issue falls within the 1 year manufacturer's warranty despite paying for extended coverage through my provider.

    I've been patient with this; I've reset the phone and avoided apps as per HTC tech support but I just got my sensation back from the HTC/Provider authorized 3rd party repair centre for Canada... for the SECOND round of repairs. They did a complete overhaul: replaced the motherboard, the LCM (LCD) screen, chassis and side ring.

    The phone continues to shut off (while plugged in, while on desk, while in pocket)!

    I've been on the phone forever over the past week. I've called HTC, they transfer me to my provider, then I'm bounced to HTC Warranty and Repairs, then over to the Authorized repair centre, then back to HTC. My case was finally escalated to corporate. Within ten minutes, I got a call from the HTC escalation team and was delivered the disturbing news: HTC does not have a replacement policy!! My manufacturer's warranty consists only of repair and not replacement of my Canadian phone. In a last chance attempt, HTC is sending me a new battery which is apparently the root of the problem.

    Solution or not, I'm done with this Darth Vader/ Frankenstein phone!!

    In this industry, word of mouth marketing is huge! I plan to share my story...
  22. Andy Griff

    Andy Griff Lurker

    I've had a similar problem with my Sensation. Shutting down randomly several times a day.

    I replaced the stock battery with an Anker battery 3 days ago and it has not shut down once since.

    Also, Battery lasts hours longer and the temperature stays a lot cooler.

    Just as I was about to launch my phone at the nearest wall, Im now very happy with my phone.

    I know you shouldn't have to upgrade a brand new phone but my advice to anybody who is having problems with their Sensation randomly shutting down is to go and buy an Anker battery for it.
  23. Zorticia

    Zorticia Lurker

    I got my HTC for Christmas and so far today it has shut off 6 times. It is ridiculous for a phone to have that issue and it apparently has been happening for several month and they have done nothing to correct the problem. Every forum I have been on there are several people with the problem. I think HTC should stop selling there phones and fix the problem first.
  24. peterc10

    peterc10 Android Enthusiast

    Are you using a task killer app? If so get rid of it - you do not need it with the newer Android systems. What other apps have you put on the phone? Most of the time these problems are due to either a task killer or some other poorly written app forcing a close. this can happen with some apps even if you are not using them because they can (and often do) run in the background.

    If you have no new apps on the phone from stock then there is a fault with the phone (does happen occasionally!) and you should take it back to the supplier and demand a new one or a refund.
  25. sconir

    sconir Newbie

    My sensation is now doing this too, it started a couple of days back and has gotten much worse, it now hardly stays on at all.

    Has anyone found a solution to this yet ?

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