Help Help! Sync Facebook contacts automatically on Evo FroYo?


So I actually have a couple of questions regarding syncing contacts all together on my new HTC Evo 4G. Right when I got the phone, I did the OTA update to FroYo and then I added my Gmail account and my Facebook account. All of my Facebook friends are showing up.

As of right now, I only have one person in "My Contacts" for Gmail and he shows up when I go to "People" along with a link for his Facebook so I can manually link them. I'm planning on adding a whole bunch of contacts to my Gmail account under "My Contacts" but is there any way those contacts would automatically sync with their Facebook profile? It would be a pain if I had to go through and manually link every single contact of mine with their Facebook profile.

Even when I add a contact on the Phone manually, it does not automatically link with their Facebook but it does give me an option to link manually. Is there NO WAY to do this automatically?

Also, I have most of my contacts listed on Outlook. Is there any way to export those contacts to my Gmail and then have them sync on my phone and then with Facebook too? On my Gmail, there are a lot of contacts that are "auto Contacts" but I have not yet added them to "My Contacts"

Ahhh this is so frustrating! I thought it would all do it automatically. =/
OK, the Evo will only link your gmail contacts to facebook if its SURE they are the same person. Its a feature I like about the phone. Most time, we spell names inaccurately when inputting contacts, or our facebook friends have incomplete or other user handles on their FB profiles, so sometimes the phone has a pretty good guess (which is why the link option exists) but you have to manually do it. This happens because some info matches (email matches but not first name).

I like this about the phone, because I'd rather it not link when its not sure other than linking two different people together under the same contact.

There is a way to port contacts from outlook, I believe the instructions are in gmail settings. Will post back when i know more.


Yes they will. Check out the tips and tricks forum or look through some of my posts

First, I appreciate the time the veterans have put into this board.. I can attest to this because I've been searching on this forum (and a few other google sources) for literally over 2 hours to solve this problem and seen some really good information.

Is it possible for you to show me the hyperlink of where you're referring too?

The exact problem: The "link" that is suggested between a contact for phone, gmail, and facebook..has to be manually linked by tapping the upper right hand corner.

Question: Will the EVO allow this to be done all at the same time?

I'm hoping it allows the user to give the 'go ahead' and link up all the suggested links.