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HELP - Vibrant wont see SIM after update

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nukeredmond, May 28, 2011.

  1. nukeredmond

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    Short & sweet - HELP
    samsung galaxy s vibrant GT-I9000M - canada - Virgin mobile - SIM - win 7 home premium 32bit on my pc

    phone came with 2.1 out of box, updated it to 2.2 a few months ago - worked fine

    update to 2.3.2 a few days ago via odin, when i put the SIM back it, it shows no network or service - 911 only, and in settings> ... > network operators - it finds virgin, but when i select it it says does not recognize sim card

    so i go to virgin and buy a new sim card..... twice

    no dice - it wont see the sims or connect to network (yes the sims were activated with my number)

    call virgin and samsung support - they cant do anything and told me to send it to samsung

    oh and virgin says i voided my warranty because 2.3.2 isnt official and not supported yet - F*ck that.

    so i take a bullet and use odin to downgrade back to 2.2 (jp2 w/ pit 512)
    boot up the phone - STILL doesnt recognize sim as stated above.

    go to virgin and get 2 more SIMs - neither works - same message, wont recognize sim


    Latest version of kies & odin installed. i have looked at every forum i can find and searched for every different version or android to try and get it to work

    chances are if you say it - i have tried it, but you never know

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