May 4, 2011
Bristol, UK
I have noticed that, after uninstalling two desktops(?), LauncherPro and ADW Launcher, every time that I press the Home button the default HTC desktop is opened afresh and shows the HTC splash screen and spends time populating the screen. Before removing the new ones I would see a pick-list of desktop/launchers when the desktop was called. Maybe a switch was set to trigger this list but that it finds, when called, that only one desktop is available so automatically wipes what's there and relaunches HTC...

Can this behaviour be changed back?

This may be related (default actions confused) to my keyboard problem.
No, this is a memory issue. The home launcher is treated like an app. When the OS needs more memory, it closes things out in the background. Unfortunately, this can include your desktop. Check out what's running by going to settings (from your home screen), applications, running services. You might want to close out a few apps, or find replacements that use less memory, so the OS doesn't feel the need to close out your home screen.
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Back again.

I feel that there must be a 'white list' somewhere that notes apps that I don't want to have removed to free up memory.

Anyone spotted one?
Not that I know of as a stock option. Some custom ROMs will include the option to lock the home app in memory though