Jul 18, 2010
Let me begin by saying, this is my first Android phone and I absolutely love it.

Also, I recently rooted for the first time(thank you 1 click root) and I flashed to the CM6 ROM, didn't like it and Nandroid Recovery'd back to Sprint's ROM, removing most of Sprint's Bloatware, which drastically sped up the phone.

My problem isn't major, as much as it is an annoyance. Whenever I connect the phone to my laptop via USB connector, it automatically connects as a Disk Drive. My problem with that is I could be using an App, and just want to be charging my phone as I do, and the phone will automatically eject my microSD to connect to the PC, which interferes with the App which could possibly be using the cards information.

I checked under the Settings>Connect to PC> Default connection type>Charge Only is what its set to.

This has only started happening after I recovered to my Sprint ROM Nandroid. Any help is appreciated :)
enable the usb debuggin mode, and try again, it's somewhere in the settings,
seems like something got corrupt, you should install the custom recovery if you don't have it, and then wipe and reflash the phone,
maybe there is a easier way, but i don't know