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How do I make ADW Launcher my default screen?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kbearmoney, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. kbearmoney

    kbearmoney Member
    Thread Starter

    What do I have to do to make ADW my default. After everything I do, I get a pop up saying Complete action using ADW or Home. I checked the option to "use by default for this action", and then choose ADW, but the same pop up comes back. Is there anything for me to do once and for all to make ADW my default?

  2. Misty3

    Misty3 Lurker

    I was using Tag 2.1 and loved it because of the way it was set up. Then I saw the AWD launcher and installed that. When you push the home button check the box that says default and then hit AWD Launcher. Thats what worked for me. What do the LAB and RAB buttons do?
  3. kbearmoney

    kbearmoney Member
    Thread Starter

    They're just the left and right shortcut icons. You just drag any app you want there and it will appear on each of you screens as you swipe through.

    I tried checking the option default button but it doesn't work. Several times I went to Home Settings, Applications, Manage Apps like the directions say, but there's nothing to choose from there. I don't know if it's b/c of the upgrade or what; but I can't find the option to clear the default.
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  4. Zezozose

    Zezozose Newbie

    If you install another launcher it will force the system to give you the pop-up asking which launcher you want to use when you press home. Download LauncherPro and then try ticking the box. You might want to check out launcherpro in any case; it's hard for me to say if I like that or ADW better.
  5. jjrussell

    jjrussell Lurker

    I've had the same problem with LancherPro as well where android continuously asks me which app I want to use to display the home screen. When I had launcherpro and awd installed it would give me three choices (original launcher too) no matter how many times I told it to save the default.

    It must be a bug in android. I really hope its fixed in froyo.

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