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How long does it take before AccuBattery's stats are in the right ballpark?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by halfbeing, Aug 26, 2021.

  1. halfbeing

    halfbeing Newbie
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    How long does it take before AccuBattery's stats are in the right ballpark? The reason I ask is because I have just installed a replacement battery (from a reputable store, but an unknown brand) in my phone and I am using AccuBattery to make sure that the capacity is approximately what it said in the listing. I deleted AccuBattery's data immediately after installing the new battery. Then I charged it from 29% to 99%. At 80%, AccuBattery said that the health was 53%. Now at 99% it says that it is 63%. However, the capacity estimate in the charging tab was jumping up and down all over the place as the battery was charging and is now at just over 2,500 mAh, which is about 90% of the expected capacity. I didn't get this kind of way off readings and wild fluctuations on previous occasions when I installed batteries bought from the phone manufacturer's official spares dealers. Those batteries consistently showed capacity right from the beginning, according to AccuBattery, that was a little way short of the nominal capacity.

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  2. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    That is the timeline to expect a battery app to give an accurate reading of battery health.

    They just don't.

    In other words, do not rely upon any app to say if a battery is good.

    Literally, I have had battery apps tell me that a battery was in good health when it had already ballooned up to the point that the back would not stay on the device.

    Eventually, it grew so large that the battery contacts could no longer maintain connection, but if I held it together very tightly to keep the battery connected, the apps all said that the battery was just fine.
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  3. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    Is the replacement battery the same capacity as the original battery or is it a higher? Since it's a third-party, off brand battery that might affect how the AccuBattery app detects and monitors it.
    When I was reading through the feature list of a different app, the AIDA64 hardware/software assessment utility, there was a reference that might be pertinent to this situation:
    - Battery capacity can only be reported for factory default batteries. If the battery was replaced with an extended capacity battery, neither Android or AIDA64 will be able to detect the new capacity.
    I'm assuming that there's an issue involving a phone's existing power management circuitry and a battery's circuitry that will probably apply to how AccuBattery functions too.
    If you start up the AccuBattery app, tap on the 'Charging' tab at the bottom, scroll to the bottom and tap on the Set Design Capacity link, that should show the battery's capacity rating. If not, manually enter it. Then wait a few days, it typically takes several charge cycles for any reliable numbers to get collected and assessed. But again, is this new battery the same capacity as the original?
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