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Sir once I rooted my mobile and was fine .but my bro accidentally made a master reset.from that time when I open super user it say su binary not installed .there might some problem so please reply fast


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Without more information, it will be very difficult to give you a proper reply. If you need to discuss the issue further, you will have to either post another guest question or register free via the link in my signature.

I don't know what device you have or what rooting method you used but for the sake of this post, I will assume you have a custom recovery installed.

Please download the latest SuperSU here: SuperSU Download

Place that .zip file on your sd card/internal storage. Boot into your custom recovery an go to the install menu. Choose the .zip file you saved to the phone and install it. This should install the binaries you need and give you root again.


If you're asking how to root your phone. There's a way to do it with a touch of a button.

Go to > click the towel root logo > the app will automatically start downloading > install the app > open the app and click make it rain. You should have root if not it will tell you your phone is not supported at this time. If it says you now have root access run SuperSU again and see what you get. When you get into SuperSU it will say you need to update click normal and when it says it has detected Knox hit cancel and it will ask are you sure because it may cause pop ups just click you're sure. And then you will have root access.

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Again same problem.. When I rooted again super su installed.. When I open.. It shows su binary not installed.. There might be some problem.. What to do. Please anyone reply me fast


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Is the binary not installed or is it not up to date? Are you sure you successfully flashed the via a custom recovery?

I don't know what you mean by:
Yes .but now super su disappeared .what to do next

Flashing the zip through recovery will install the binaries and the app. I don't know what disappeared and from where?

Do you have a custom recovery on the device (TWRP or ClockworkMOD)??