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[HOW TO] and some root terminology

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by scotty85, Jun 12, 2011.

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    This got un-sticked? :( Or is it just me?

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    Yes it did. The new sticky links it a few times however.
  3. scotty85

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    all htc phones utilize a PxxxIMG file system to flash RUUs and such in hboot. having guides up here,the inc,and merge forums, and being active on the board i see alot of folks have trouble getting PxxxIMG(PG05IMG in case of the TB) to work. the prollem usually has simple fix,but sometimes causes folks an extreme amount of confusion.

    but there is an easier way :)

    i mess with my various htc devices alot,and have found using fastboot is a much faster,easier way to flash PxxxIMG files. you dont need to transfer files to your SD,or boot to change files if youve got a couple to do.

    in a nutshell,youre going to place your file into the folder where adb and fastboot live(prolly platform tools or tools if youre an advanced user that has the sdk installed),place the phone in fastboot,put it in RUU mode and flash the file with this command: fastboot flash zip <filename>.zip

    if you rooted with revolutionary,and have no idea what fastboot or adb even are,heres a step by step:

    1)set up adb and fastboot download this file,wich contains adb and fastboot.
    Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
    md5 sum: 9d1c0e2a98f09bb65521889870334b65

    extract it,and place the extracted(not zipped) mini-adb folder on the root of the C drive of your PC. in windows 7,you should be able to just right click,then extract files. if not,you may need a utility such as 7 zip

    re-install revolutionarys drivers,if you dont still have them on your PC from when you rooted.

    open a command window. in windows 7,just click the start bubble,then type "command" in the search box. this should open a small black window.

    change to your mini-adb directory(folder) by the entering the following command at the prompt in your command window: cd c:\mini-adb this should change your prompt to "mini-adb>" indicating that youve changed to that directory.

    2)flash your file put the file that you want to flash into the mini adb-folder. you can copy/paste,drag/drop or move it however you are comfortable moving files.

    plug in your phone. enable usb debugging,if its not allready.

    enter the following commands. from here on,commands will be bold and italics,comments will be blue. each line is one command,enter them one at a time. you can copy/paste or type them in.

    md5sums <filename> this will output the md5 sum of the file you will flash. make sure it matches that listed for your download

    adb devices should output your phones serial number

    adb reboot bootloader will boot you into the fastboot screen(white with colored letters)

    fastboot devices will again output serial number

    fastboot erase cache

    fastboot oem rebootRUU

    fastboot flash zip <filename>.zip

    you will see a green line on your phone as the file flashes.youll see outut in your cmd window. sometimes when flashing a complete RUU you will get an error that says "failed,reflush immediately". dont panic,just run the above line again to reflash your file

    after you get a "finished" message:

    at this point,ycould actually flashe more files if you wanted. for example,a radio and a recovery. just repeat the "fastboot flash zip" command untill youve flashed all your files. then:

    fastboot reboot-bootloader this will take you back to the white fastboot screen

    fastboot reboot your phone should reboot

    and of course,heres what the outputs will look like in the command window. red are my inputs. in this example,im installing twrp recovery,with a .zip file called: twrp111rbox1_PG05IMG

    Code (Text):
    1. Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
    2. Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.
    4. C:\Users\Scott>[COLOR="Red"]cd c:\mini-adb[/COLOR]
    6. c:\mini-adb>[COLOR="red"]md5sums twrp111rbox1_PG05IMG.zip[/COLOR]
    8. MD5sums 1.2 freeware for Win9x/ME/NT/2000/XP+
    9. Copyright (C) 2001-2005 Jem Berkes - http://www.pc-tools.net/
    10. Type md5sums -h for help
    12. [Path] / filename                              MD5 sum
    13. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    14. [c:\mini-adb\]
    15. twrp111rbox1_PG05IMG.zip                       31ae566360d4729ff1be2a5a67952777
    17. c:\mini-adb>[COLOR="red"]adb devices[/COLOR]
    18. * daemon not running. starting it now *
    19. * daemon started successfully *
    20. List of devices attached
    21. HT12CS012936    device
    24. c:\mini-adb>[COLOR="red"]adb reboot bootloader[/COLOR]
    26. c:\mini-adb>[COLOR="red"]fastboot devices[/COLOR]
    27. HT12CS012936    fastboot
    29. c:\mini-adb>fastboot erase cache
    30.                erasing 'cache'... OKAY [  0.262s]
    31. finished. total time: 0.263s
    33. c:\mini-adb>[COLOR="red"]fastboot oem rebootRUU[/COLOR]
    34.                               ... OKAY [  0.222s]
    35. finished. total time: 0.223s
    37. c:\mini-adb>[COLOR="red"]fastboot flash zip twrp111rbox1_PG05IMG.zip[/COLOR]
    38.        sending 'zip' (5573 KB)... OKAY [  0.907s]
    39.                  writing 'zip'... INFOzip header checking...
    40. INFOzip info parsing...
    41. INFOchecking model ID...
    42. INFOchecking custom ID...
    43. INFOstart image[recovery] unzipping & flushing...
    44. INFO[RUU]UZ,recovery,0
    45. INFO[RUU]UZ,recovery,15
    46. INFO[RUU]UZ,recovery,27
    47. INFO[RUU]UZ,recovery,37
    48. INFO[RUU]UZ,recovery,47
    49. INFO[RUU]UZ,recovery,60
    50. INFO[RUU]UZ,recovery,70
    51. INFO[RUU]UZ,recovery,82
    52. INFO[RUU]UZ,recovery,98
    53. INFO[RUU]UZ,recovery,100
    54. INFO[RUU]WP,recovery,0
    55. INFO[RUU]WP,recovery,100
    56. OKAY [  7.010s]
    57. finished. total time: 7.918s
    59. c:\mini-adb>[COLOR="red"]fastboot reboot-bootloader[/COLOR]
    60.      rebooting into bootloader... OKAY [  0.151s]
    61. finished. total time: 0.151s
    63. c:\mini-adb>[COLOR="red"]fastboot reboot[/COLOR]
    64.                      rebooting...
    65. finished. total time: 0.150s
    67. c:\mini-adb>
    seems a lil complicated,but once you do it a couple times,its quick and easy. :)
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