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[HOW TO] Change PRL on FroYo

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mrvirginia, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    i haven't seen this posted here at adroidforums so figured i'd give a heads up.

    you need CDMA workshop.
    1. connect phone to computer
    2. enter diag mode by pressing ##diag# on your phone's dialer
    3. hit connect
    4. click on "Other" tab
    5. under PRL, click write and navigate to the PRL file
    6. reboot phone

    edit: apparently this doesn't work with CM6 ROM. if you are rooted and using something other than a stock ROM, please make sure it's based off of the 3.26.651.6 build.

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  2. Lyvewire

    Lyvewire Android Enthusiast

  3. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    yeah, np glad i could help.
    i agree, something on the go would be nice. i spend a lot more time over on xda now than i do here so if something pops up i'll be sure to let the community here know!
  4. Lyvewire

    Lyvewire Android Enthusiast

  5. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    eh, iunno about that trick right there lol. i'd have to read into it a little more but just using a PRL does the trick for me. plus, i'm not running a CM6 ROM. i'm pretty sure it's based off of wayyy pre Evo FroYo build and i will only touch ROMs that are based on the official OTA 3.26.651.6. personal preference of course. i just had trouble with 2.1 ROMs that had crap removed/baked into them and it wasn't stable so i stay away from similar 2.2 ROMs.

    also, you won't brick your phone by flashing a ROM. most you could do is set it into a boot loop, in which case you just pull the battery, put it back in, hold vol down, hit power, and boot into recovery.
    all that stuff looks slightly complicated but it's really not. you just have to search/read.

    i've heard good things about CM6 but i'm happy with the one i'm on. nooo issues
  6. Lyvewire

    Lyvewire Android Enthusiast

    Funny you say that. I was just talking with some of these MIS guys at my job that are flash fanatics. I was looking for some direction to flash my phone which they been tryingto get me to do since I had the Evo, (even though they have the Droids for Verizon with Bugless Beast Roms). I was telling them I was waiting for a version compatible with Android 2.2 Froyos update from yesterday. They basically said that wouldnt matter since Froyo is already in the Cynagenmod roms. I'm going to research this further though. Took a look at some vids on youtube of the Evo as well and they looked like totally different phones in a better faster less battery consumption way of. Good to know I wouldnt brick my phone by doing this. I'm about to search the fastest way to root the phone in case I come across a ROM with the force roaming installed.
  7. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    well, the thing with CM6 is you have to flash gapps. so if it was already equipped with "FroYo", you shouldn't have to do that. his ROM is just off an early build which is why you have to jump through a few hoops.

    i went from stock, to root without the 1.47 update, to a Fresh ROM, then to Baked Snack ROM, then back to a stock 1.47 root, then Damage Control 3.2.3. out of those, Baked Snack was ridiculous with how much battery was saved. unfortunately, some things didn't work like google goggles, data codes, and my visual voicemail. that's when i went to Damage Control where everything worked. unfortunately, DC FroYo 2.2 ROM is in beta and i've been keeping up with the changelog and i'm not sure why they don't just start over with a stock 2.2 ROM and bake everything in. hence why i'm on Deck's s3vo ROM with netarchy's kernel. amazing performance. not quite as good as the Ava ROM, but it's good enough for me!

    since you're already on FroYo, you might have to poke around for a good root method. but after, you'll never look back. my phone really does look nothing like a regular Evo and i haven't really done that much to it compared to some of the themes that are floating around xda :)
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  8. Lyvewire

    Lyvewire Android Enthusiast

    Wow!!!! You definetely been thru some roms!! I like the thought of better battery life since its been a signifigant change since yesterdays update. i dont use goggles at all nor visual vmail so I'd be ok. However I heard some good things about Kernel. Trying to figure out which ROM is the best ROM for me seems kind of overwhelming but I can understand why some ppl get addicted to doing it all the time. This is exactly why I decided to come back in here and research what Evo flashers thought since both of my co-workers have the Droid. Better to hear it these things from people with the Evo. Apparently I have a lot of research to do for Roms and Rooting. Least I can reference some of the good ones you mentioned now..*thanks button*
  9. SOHurley

    SOHurley Newbie

    HTC DIAG - Won't install.. I can't get CDMA workshop to connect...
  10. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Android Expert
    Thread Starter

  11. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    yeah...believe me when i say i was overwhelmed a bit when i first started looking into it. there's a large amount of ROMs to choose from which is where all the reading comes in. it can be entertaining and fun as well as frustrating at times. best kernel out hands down is netarchy's toastmod 3.7.6c kernel. supposedly it reduces cam to 3MP instead of 8MP. some report that's not the case. either way, going from 8 to 3 doesn't reduce quality of the image just how big it is and iunno about you but i'm not trying to print my photos lol. this kernel also lifts the FPS cap. i avg about 52FPS. &&&his kernel improves performance. before i was scoring the same as Droid X on Quadrant. after i was scoring above around ~1187 which is great.

    edit: sorry to have gotten off topic, mods :(
  12. sunnyboy167

    sunnyboy167 Lurker

    Hi, I noticed you mentioned the 3.26.651.6 build. I have an EVO with the latest 3.70.651.1 software build. Will this method work on this build? FYI I'm trying to flash a MetroPCS PRL on to my EVO and I've already tried the ##775# method using Root explorer with no success. Thanks for your time.
  13. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Extreme Android User

    what exactly happens?
  14. sunnyboy167

    sunnyboy167 Lurker

    Never mind. I found out I couldn't use it in NYC. Thanks anyway. :)
  15. rfeagan

    rfeagan Lurker

    Does CDMA workshop need to be registered to change PRL on EVO? It seems so, for me. Is it really $99 to register CDMA workshop? Not sure I need a new PRL that badly.

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