Oct 23, 2020
Hi, we have a samsung J2 Core, and we put in an SD card to expand the memory and download apps onto etc. But when the SD card was removed and put into a new phone, the apps seem to now be on the J2 Core, but they're showing up on the home screen as completely grayed out apps, when you try to press and hold them to delete them it does nothing, and they're not showing up anywhere in the settings. They seem to be taking up all of the memory as well. I don't want to factory reset the phone right now because it has other things on it like photos and videos. How do I delete these grayed out "ghost apps" for good?
You can't uninstall the greyed out app icons because the actual app is not installed.



Im guessing without the app directory the device storage info inaccurately desplays 0.00 B. Pop in the sd card , transfer the app to internal, pull the card and I'll bet you see app data and catche data once again. This is because app data is stored in internal memory even when the app itself resides in the external sd.


Ok, If all you wish to do is get ride of the greyed out icons then provided your Android has the functon to hide apps you should do just that



Compare the first screen shot to the one below. You'll notice the greyed out icons are no longer visible within the app drawer.


However, the app data is still going to reside in internal memory and thereby taking up space. If you plane on remounting the card in the future youll have all your app data aswell.
However, if you want to permanently delete the app, greyed out icons and all its data, short of a factory reset, then youll have to remont the external sd and move the remaining apps back to internal storage. Once all the apps are back in internal storage, I recommend using Super App backup if you intent to reinstall them on your new phone (make sure you back up to externsl sd , It needed to be enabled with Super App backup settings). After you backup your apps then delete the apps from your old phone, install Super Backup on your new phone and simply reinstall your backups.

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