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How to get ringtone file in correct location?

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by stermarc, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. stermarc

    stermarc Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I made an mp3 file for a ringtone and emailed it as an attachment that went to my Droid.

    How do I get it into the correct location to be used as a ringtone. I can't find a menu item to move the file to a spot to be a ringtone. In fact I can't raise a menu at all when I open the attachment, it seems like it will only play and nothing else, no way to move it to another location!

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  2. Rootmepls

    Rootmepls Android Enthusiast

    I put all my ringtones in a folder called Ringtones on my ext sd card. Works for me.
  3. thETImo

    thETImo Lurker

    Create a folder called 'media' to your SD card. Inside 'media' create a subfolder called 'ringtones' and the system can find it from there and adds it to your tone list. ;)
  4. You can use a file manager like Astro. If downloaded from an email, it should be in SD card/Download. go to that file in astro, long press it, then hit move, and place it in the Media/Ringtones or Media/Notifications folder. Or just connect the phone to the computer via usb, and move the files from windows.
  5. Mudbock

    Mudbock Lurker

    I have tried to set my ring tone to a personal one I made. I have followed all instructions on this forum; however, to no avail.

    When I connect the phone to the PC the phone is "Drive F". I located the dcim folder, and the 100MEDIA folder. I created a sub-folder in the 100MEDIA folder and named it "ringtones". I copied my mp3 sound (20 second track) to the "ringtone" folder.

    I went to settings and "Sound Settings/ Phone ringtone, clicked the radio button for my tune and hit "apply".

    My tune still will not play. The phone will use one of the default ringtones. Is anyone able to offer me some suggestions or let me know what I may be doing wrong?

    Much appreciated. Thank you
  6. you are putting it in the camera folder, thats why the system cant see it. On your sd card, create a folder called Media. Then inside that folder, create a folder called Ringtones and another called Notifications. Put your files in there, not the DCIM folder.

    Also, make sure you unmount the card from the pc first, and disconnect the usb cable. When the phone is in Disk Drive mode, the phone cannot access the sd card, and therefore cant access the ringtones.
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  7. Mudbock

    Mudbock Lurker

    Hi sitlet,

    Thank you for coming to my rescue! I'm not sure that I'm doing this correctly, perhaps I'm making folders where they should not be....

    I removed the sub folders from the DCMI folder.
    Created a new folder and named it "Media", in this folder I created two sub folders, one named "Ringtones and the other Notifications". I put the mp3 file in both of the new sub folders. (see image)


    I've disconnected from the PC, back to settings/sound settings/phone ringtones... I cannot find the mp3 in the list of ringtones or new ringtones to apply.

    I'm of the thought that I'm missing something, skipping a step or some such thing. There's a huge box of chocolates in this for you if you are able to help me get this ringtone to work. I simply cannot hear the ringtones that come with the Inspire, they seem so quiet and I know this one I have is very loud.

    Many thanks
  8. Flmgo

    Flmgo Member

    Here is how I have ringtones saved on my SD card. They are in a directory called Media/Audio/Ringtones. Works for me. Hope that helps.
  9. Have you tried rebooting the phone first? Also, I see you have two removable drives. One is your internal memory and the other is the card. Make sure you are in the card and not the internal memory.

    That was the next thing I was going to suggest. Some phones need the files to be in Media/Audio/Ringtones and Media/Audio/Notifications. You can try to create the Audio folder inside the media folder
  10. ashykat

    ashykat Android Expert

    Yep, in the root directory of your sd card create a folder called media. Within the media folder, create a folder called audio, within audio, create three folders; ringtones, notifications, and alarms. I like setting things up like this because it stays organized. You could always use an app like ringdroid but I like things neat.

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