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How to synch my MS Exchange Outlook Calendar to Nexus One WITHOUT the google pc app..

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by technogecko, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. technogecko

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    Hello guys,

    So I am a proud owner of a brand new Nexus One. I love it, but have hit a small hitch.

    I am previously an iphone user and got quite a lot of use out of syncing my work (exchange) calendar onto my iphone and using it on the go to keep track of meetings and such.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like this is native functionality in Android 2.1? I was able to set up my work email account with active sync, and that works fine... but when I look in the Accounts area of settings and select my work email, there is no option to sync Calendar.

    I have read that you can use the google calendar desktop application to sync your outlook (via plugin) to your google calendar, which the Android device could then pull down... unfortunately, like many users in a professional environment, the IT group here refuses to give me admin privileges on my work computer. I tried installing the google calendar app into a non-protected directory, but when it tries to activate the Outlook plugin it simply fails with an error listed as 1008. Upon looking that up, it of course says it is user privileges related.

    In addition, if my work PC is off, I wouldn't get those new meetings pushed to my device anyway... so that is a big hassle as well.

    Is there a free way to get this done WITHOUT the google calendar desktop app? I have all the account info I need (hell, I already set this up many times on my iphone over the years)...

    EDIT: Also I would like to state that I don't want a separate calendar app... I want to use the base Android one. I'm fine with getting an app to enable that, but I don't really want to have 2 different calendar apps to go through...

  2. srothkin

    srothkin Member

    I just picked up SyncMyCal from Share Outlook Calendar Free, Google Calendar Sync, Pocket Outlook Google Sync - SyncMyCal but for a slightly different reason -- google's calendar sync program will only sync to your "primary" calendar on gCalendar and that's my personal calendar. I wanted to be able to sync my work meetings/appointments to a different calendar (called Work) on my Google calendar so that those appointments show up on my Droid intermingled with my personal calendar but without actually overwriting my personal calendar. It works nicely.

    It is an outlook plugin that adds a toolbar. You can try the free version (which only syncs manually on clicking the toolbar button, and only for up to 3 days before/after the current date) just to see if your IT policies block it from installing/running. If you like it, the "Pro" version is only $25 which gives you a key to enable automatic syncing (which granted only works while Outlook is running, but for me Outlook has to be running for me to accept meeting requests anyway) and also allows you to sync further into the future.

    Another nice thing about this is it is done entirely from my work laptop -- nothing to configure on the Droid and nothing to ask IT for (they won't allow Droids to access the corporate exchange servers).

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