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How to unlock view get Move app to SD card option locked missing in android 5.1.1?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by kumaranil13k, Aug 10, 2021.

  1. kumaranil13k

    kumaranil13k Member
    Thread Starter

    Question :-How to unlock view get Move app to SD card option locked missing in android 5.1.1?

    I have two mobiles of same company with different model both having same os android 5.1.1 sharing below screenshot of about phone of both mobiles

    LS 5504 about phone screenshot

    LS 5009 about phone screenshot

    But one of the mobile model ls-5009 (with 8gb internal memory) is showing "Move to SD card" option in setting apps but another mobile model ls 5504 (internal memory 16gb) one is missing locked not showing option for same app "move to sd card" may be locked by OEM. Screenshot of same app settings for both mobile option pasted below.


    LS 5504 app info screenshot


    LS 5009 mobile apps info screenshot

    How to unlock view or see the same option in another model of android 5.1.1 by modifying the settings through any adb shell fastboot or terminal with or without rooting the mobile.

    I tried link2sd or app manager III apps on unrooted mobile to do the same but all fails to move the apps. Any way there to modify and get the option of move to sd card option.

    I know all apps are not movable as their app mainfest don't allow I had tried to edit apk editor still same app without editing the app is moving to sd card in one mobile and no option of moving not showing option in another mobile with same android 5.1.1 same app same kernal version same.company but different models it means there is some setting lock or change how can we modify or unlock that option through terminal emulator or adb shell commands in rooted or without rooting any how.

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  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    why not just have the card formatted as internal.

    moving apps to the sd card does not move the whole app to the card. parts of it will still remain on the phone. keep in mind that if you format the card as internal your sd card will cease to act like a sd card. you can't use it as protable storage. and if the card ever gets corrupt, then you will loose all of your data.

    to be honest rather then play around with a phone that has smaller storage and a very old operating system, i would recommend that you upgrade your phone.
  3. kumaranil13k

    kumaranil13k Member
    Thread Starter

    @ocnbrze bro thanks for replying precious time advice knowlege sharing and you considerations suggestions.

    @ocnbrze bro yes I would love to format sd card as Internal but this option is available in android 6.0 marshmallow Versions and in android 5.1.1 move to sd card option is available. So what my question was that in one android 5.1.1 it has option of moving to sd and on another it don't have any way to unlock or view move to sd card option.

    @ocnbrze bro yes I know that making external sd card as internal or move apps to sd card moves only part files it don't moves data cache hex or lib file which can be move by rooting and link2sd but risky not good for all apps.

    @ocnbrze bro I know that the sd card card cannot be unpluged if used as internal memory or apps moved but to think we can switch of and unplug the sd card and then use in pc and then again plug and switch on. Secondly mobiles can direclty be connected or files shared through Bluetooth WiFi email clouds and not necesary to unplug

    @ocnbrze bro yes I am aware that moving apps to sd card may slow down operations for that I had purchased uhs II 64gb or 128gb sdxc high speed card with good random read write speeds which have lifetime warranty. And I am trying to take NaNd image backup of sd card periodically and store it on cloud or other drives to recover it on any new card on corruption.

    @ocnbrze bro yes you are right and good advice to purchase upgrade new handset with more ram internal memory.
    As family members only use mobile for Facebook whatsnapp or calling or some banking or regular apps. They hardly know techies or more storage. yes for myself I am to interested to purchase some expensive large one may be. But want to try some rooting android apps in old as on expensive sets don't want to collect install garbage apps just want test r&D on old.mobiles then take.some selective on expensive new mobiles. Just want to try test 200-300 apps for different categories to hunt and collect good one on new mobile.just waiting to get prices stable and.some.more good techies to launch.

    @ocnbrze bro if u can advice suggest or help me tell that is it possible how can we unlock OEMs of android 5.1.1 move to sd card app info option through any tweaking app or terminal emulator or any other cammands or any other ways
  4. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    The most likely explanation isn't that this option is "locked" on one phone but that it isn't part of that phone's operating system at all. This was a standard Android feature between Android 2.1 and Android 4.something, but was deprecated by Google around 2013. Many manufacturers retained it in their own Android builds, at least for some devices, but not all manufacturers and not all devices from the same manufacturer (the software has to be adapted to and built for each different model, so manufacturers do not always make the same feature choices in different phones even for the same Android version). Hence when a phone doesn't have the option in the Settings that almost certainly means that the phone's ROM doesn't support it at all, i.e. doesn't contain the code to do this in the first place rather than it being present but somehow "locked". Thus what you probably need is to add the feature rather than unlock it, which means modifying the system software, which requires root.

    "OEM" is "Original Equipment Manufacturer", so isn't something you can unlock. The phrase "OEM unlocking" is a (IMO) confusing term for unlocking the bootloader, which allows system partitions to be overwritten ("reflashed") with unsigned firmware over USB using the "fastboot" application. This is usually done as a step to rooting (unlock bootloader, flash custom recovery, use the recovery to flash a new ROM or flash patches to root the current one), but by itself does not change the phone's function at all. Where it is supported (not all manufacturers do, some go a long way to stop you) the act of unlocking usually resets the phone, so back up first. It also requires phone-specific software, e.g. the custom recovery has to be built for that particular model, not a different phone (even one from the same manufacturer using the same Android version). If you root the phone you can then use other mods or apps to move apps to SD (often requiring a separate partition on the SD card), but root is needed to do this. But there is no non-root solution for this if the phone doesn't provide it out of the box: you can attempt things like the adb command to set the default storage to SD card (it's been so long I can't remember the exact command), but if the phone doesn't support it that command will do nothing.
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  5. kumaranil13k

    kumaranil13k Member
    Thread Starter

    @Hadron bro thanks a lot to share your precious time and knowledge and.replying and celaring my doubts and queries bro grateful to you a lot.thanls a lot.

    @Hadron bro I used to think it's OS operating system android 4 kitkat feature or android 5 lolipop feature to move app to sd card as it used to have low internal memory storage. As same company android 6 marshmellow have option to format as card as internal memory to sd card. As the thought manufacturer developer must have locked the option And could be programmed and opened through any fastboot or adb shell or terminal emulator command. But you said may be hardware or features not compatible to so manufacturer may have not have not provided adobtable storage option. Is there any option command or app to to check such option

    @Hadron bro as I have seen no option on unrooted of android 5.1.1 developer option of force app to install on sd or prefer the externeral sd card

    @Hadron there is a link shared below I saw command of adb shell of adb shell pm set-install-location 2 and
    sm has-adoptable
    sm set -force- adoptable true

    I had rooted with kingoroot 4-5 years before first mobile lyf wind 6 which had mive to sd card option and tried the above command but the shell gave error

    sbin/sh: sm: not found
    Then I pushed a binary of sm command but it's not worked give some java class errors
    Then I tried link2sd or app2sd it worked great but some master cleaner or ccleaner deleted some system file on rooted phone and phone files something went wrong and some permission unmangement by me at last mobile os damaged and I had to send to service center to flash original os

    In another set with android 6 marshelmellow I used apk editor to modify app mainfest of default install android location for each app and in many apps it's working fine and but the problem is that with android 5.1 move to sd is not available and making app movable will not work in that phone

    Now I am planning to root install link2sd or try pm sm command in another new mobile lyf water 7 and move apps and change setting and unroot so that cleaning apps or any app or I accidently don't corrupt os mistakenly. Hope link2sd or any setting movable apps work after unrooting.

    @Hadron bro if any suggestion advice or correction do suggest me aa.i am novice beginner new to android rooting trobleshooting adb shell
  6. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    It was a standard android feature up until 4.2 or 4.3, can't remember exactly when. But by 5 it wasn't. Many people don't realise that though because many manufacturers kept it after Google deprecated it, at least for some devices.
    I don't know of any way other than the presence or absence of the option in the system menu. Adoptable storage is the term for the "format as internal storage" option that was introduced in Android 6, so a device running 5.1 certainly won't have that.

    That first one, adb shell pm set-install-location 2, is what I was thinking of the other day. On a phone which supports moving apps to sd (sd formatted as external storage) that command tells the phone to make that the default. The other command sounds like it's related to the Android 6 adoptable storage stuff, in which case it won't work on Android 5.
    It's always a good idea when messing with root to take a backup of a working ROM using a custom recovery (I would never root a phone without a custom recovery myself). That way if you do mess something up you can restore the working ROM and not have to worry about getting anyone to fix it - though I've also always made sure that I knew how to reflash to stock myself before rooting, just as an extra precaution.

    And I do not allow "cleaner" apps on my phone. None are needed, and most of them are worse than useless (i.e. they make big claims but actually slow the phone down, and in some cases spend their time copying your data back to their developers).
    I'm the other way: I used to do this a lot (everything up to editing the bootloader), but haven't rooted my phone since 2017. So my problem is that I'm out of date in this game.

    Whether link2SD will work without root is an interesting question. I can imagine it doing so, if all of the system mods it makes are in place and unchanged, though of course you won't be able to change any of its settings if you unroot. But I cannot guarantee that it will, as I've never tried and have not used such mods myself since 2013. It also depends on how you unroot: if I had to unroot a phone I would do it "cleanly" by reflashing with a stock/unrooted ROM, but that would also undo the mods Link2SD needs in order to work. If you use something like SuperUser or SuperSU to control root access you can simply not grant root access to any other apps. However I've also never used those "one click" root apps like KingRoot or Kingo, so don't know what they might do (they had a bad rep for installing unwanted junk during the rooting process, so I always looked for cleaner ways with my phones). I use the past tense for them because they only work for very old Android versions (Android 5 being the last major version they worked widely on).
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  7. Dave784

    Dave784 Newbie

    You had responded to my question on this same sort of issue. Would this work for my Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 as I have a 256GB SD card and no pans to use it on anything else and such so if this would work how can I do that so can use the SD card as well for internal storage
  8. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    nope as stated on your thread. and rooting the tablet will depend on what model you have. why did i mention root? it is because in this thread link2sd has been mentioned. it pretty much does the same things as formatting the sd card as internal. head on over to xda to do some reading on link2sd. and while you are there see if your model can be rooted or not.
  9. Dave784

    Dave784 Newbie

    yeah looked at some stuff after I read your response and looks like the Tab A7 is not one of those models that allows this!
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