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HTC Desire Cannot Update to 2.2? Please help...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by wazynski, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. wazynski

    wazynski Lurker
    Thread Starter


    I have a HTC Desire that i bought sim free from amazon and have been using for about a month. Yesterday, I got a notification asking if I wanted to update to the new version 2.2. I started the download, however I didn't have wi-fi it was doing it over my data connection. Therefore I canceled the download. Today I tried to do the update by going to check for software updates in the phone settings but it checks and reports the phone's software is up to date.

    In the software Information section of my phone it says I have:

    Firmware version 2.1-update1

    Build Number
    1.21.405.2 CL174215 release-keys

    Software Number

    Does anyone know how I can get the update to work?


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  2. baza

    baza Lurker

    wazynski, if you find out how to get the update back will you let me no as i did what you did and its saying the same for me.. cheers.
  3. goguca

    goguca Lurker

    I have the same situation. However, I downloaded the file but when it was going to install it said that it needed more than 25 megas free in the phone. I uninstalled some applications but then I never got a message to start the installation process again. Now I tried to go and find the update and it says that my phone is up to date but the firmware is still 2.1.

    Using a file manager, I checked "downloads" and I saw that the 90M of Froyo are there. However, I don't know what to do to make it restart the installation process.

  4. Leon73

    Leon73 Lurker

    Same here exactly...

  5. goguca

    goguca Lurker

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  6. wazynski

    wazynski Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Cheers, downloaded it off that site and followed the instructions. It worked! Thanks :)
  7. baza

    baza Lurker

    If your having trouble updating to froyo and get the "NO UPDATES AVAILABLE" change your date to 2 months forward ie, O3-10-2010 then reboot your phone and then go back to update and it should force the update through.. good luck.
  8. manwood

    manwood Guest

    Baza - your method does not work on the Desire.

    The manual upgrade procedure upthread does however work, thanks!
  9. sunhorse

    sunhorse Newbie

    seems to me that the froyo update only works with software number 1.21.405.2
    i have a virgin branded phone on 1.15.405.4 and this will not update..can anyone
    comment or correct me?..cheers
  10. blackhat77

    blackhat77 Lurker

    on my "free" desire I have the same problem too. NO AVAILABLE updates...
    Does anybody know how to do? In the meantime I've open a htc support request... :thinking:

    Current version is 2.1-Update1 :cool:
  11. blackhat77

    blackhat77 Lurker

    Not really ... I have '1.21.405.2 cl174215 release key' and I can not upgrade too...:mad:
  12. StefanCelMare

    StefanCelMare Lurker

    Good to know I'm not the only one... Same here, Desire Android Build '1.21.405.2 cl174215 release key', no update so far... Phone acquired from Vodafone Romania, should be blocked but it's not (I can use SIMs from other networks). No branding on it. I signed a new contract for 2 years for this phone.
    Later edit:
    I already checked about 5 times in the last 2 days for the update from menu-settings-about phone-system software updates-check, nothing.
    I changed the locale to en-us and checked - nothing.
    Restarted a couple of times - nothing.
    Tried on two wi-fi connections and on Vodafone's 3G - nothing.
    I don't want to force the update by manually doing it, because versions may differ, and I really hope for a Romanian language dictionary in the update. It is very frustrating to have no predictive input on it.
  13. blackhat77

    blackhat77 Lurker

  14. StefanCelMare

    StefanCelMare Lurker

    Don't think it is a distribution problem. It may just take longer, they did mention something about bandwidth limitations to their servers, and that the "Desire&Froyo" process will take a few days, even more for some carriers... I'll wait a couple of days, see what happens. I just think it is weird, there are posts from people with my carrier that have updated already. It's truly random, but I really was waiting patiently for the last 5 days and nothing... Was beginning to think I was the only one left out ;)
  15. blackhat77

    blackhat77 Lurker

    what sounds really strange to me is the randomized behaviour.. anyway I'll wait for it too!
  16. piotrkempa

    piotrkempa Lurker

    I have the exact same problem - I couldn't do it when it first asked me (no wifi) and now it says I'm up to date. Tried to change the date 2 months ahead, as somebody suggested - no go.

    I don't want to risk it by doing it manually. Did anybody get a second chance? Or am I stuck with 2.1 forever? Do you get just one chance to do it?
  17. blackhat77

    blackhat77 Lurker

    Actually I never got a chance...
    Also no reply from HTC support!!!

    Anyway.. is it a regional based distribution or a general one?
  18. Bassjunkieuk

    Bassjunkieuk Lurker

    Just wanted to raise my hand as having same issue. I'm on Virgin UK and was wondering if I have a branded handset as the only customization I could see was the Virgin Media bootscreen :) No added apps or even internet shortcuts.

    Running 1.21.405.2 and the build number is the same as mentioned above.

    Virgin have said they have no planned release date for the update so I'm waiting patiently......
  19. blackhat77

    blackhat77 Lurker

    hi.. 2.09 PM GMT +1


    Thanks HTC
  20. vipsle

    vipsle Lurker

    where did you move the file to , because i tried AND did not work, iv been trying for so long to get 2.2 on my desire, thought this was my chance but struck out again.... any ideas , i dont want to root my phone though, dont have the confidence.....

    thks in advance...
  21. necrosaromx

    necrosaromx Lurker

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