Help HTC Desire CDMA U.S. Cellular Stuck Without Android OS?

Hey everyone. I have an HTC Desire CDMA on U.S. Cellular. I had the pre-installed version of Android, 2.1, and I had rooted it using the unrEVOked method. Recently, the 2.2 update became available on the HTC website, so I decided to attempt an update. During the update, it hung at a screen with silver HTC letters and gave me error 171, being that there was a USB connection problem. I unplugged the USB cord and the screen switched to an HBoot type of screen with EUU selected, but nothing was able to be clicked on. If I plugged the cord back in, it would go back to the HTC screen. The only way to get out of it was to remove the battery.

Well I went on like this for a few more tries, with compatibility mode on the PC, running as administrator, switching which mode the phone was in when it was plugged in, and I never got it to work. I read somewhere that I needed to enable S-ON, but the utility to do that never worked.

There's a lot more tinkering I did, but nothing major. Eventually, I went into the recovery part of HBoot and wiped everything I could see. Now my phone would no longer boot into Android 2.1 as it had been doing before. When I started it up, it would just go to the HBoot screen and recovery screens.

I have attempted a few images of said-to-be-working U.S. Cellular HTC ROMs, but nothing has worked. I currently have a phone stuck in HBoot, and the only way I can get into it is to mount the SD card in the recovery screen and access files there. I can still install .zips from the SD card, so if there is one that would help me out, that would be just fabulous.

Now, the ideal thing would be to be able to just move right onto 2.2. Unfortunately, I don't think this will work. So I will be just fine if someone can help me restore it to 2.1, like it was when I first got it.

Also, I've been contemplating just taking it to my U.S. Cellular booth in the mall and asking if she can do a complete wipe/restore of the original software. Can the people in the stores do that? When I got it, the woman there didn't seem like she knew much about Android, so I don't think she would be able to tell that I had rooted it. Would she give me a replacement phone? What should I tell her that happened? By stretching the truth, I could say that it messed up during the update and I'm stuck with nothing on my phone now, but I don't know if she could do anything about it.

Anyway, I would REALLY like to get this fixed this weekend, and if that isn't possible, then within the next two weeks. If you have questions, feel free to ask. I'm new to these forums, but I would guess that it would email me if I get replies to this thread. If it doesn't, please email me at gavin (@), where I'll be sure to reply.

Thanks again everyone, and I really really hope I can get this thing fixed!!!