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HTC Desire optical track pad

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pauljw, May 28, 2010.

  1. pauljw

    pauljw Lurker
    Thread Starter

    How do you change the direction of the optical track pad on the Desire and Legend?

    Has anyone else noticed that it functions the exact opposite to the touch screen? I find this annoying and would like to reverse it. Anyone know how?

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  2. lekky

    lekky Lover

    It functions logically...! You can't change it. Your way would mess with a lot of heads :p
  3. pauljw

    pauljw Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I disagree.

    You drag the screen up to move the page up.
    You drag the track pad down to move the page up?

    You drag the screen right to move the home screens right.
    You drag the track pad left to move the home screens right?

    No logic.

    Anyway, I'm not saying it should be that way for everyone, each to their own, I just think you should be able to set your preference.
  4. Lam

    Lam Newbie

    It works the same as a track ball. You have to think of it that way. A backward track ball would be mental.
  5. pauljw

    pauljw Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Good point but I've never used a track ball and in the future I guess no one will. My instinct is to use it as a pad, just like a track pad on a laptop.
  6. kboya

    kboya Android Enthusiast

    the trackball logic is internal(!) in that it functions logically within it's own terms, and is not linked to the external logic of the touchscreen. The same is true vice versa.
  7. ifb-online

    ifb-online Android Enthusiast

    The Google Nexus 1 has a track ball.

    The Desire optical device is perfectly logical. It controls a cursor caret or highlighted object. If you move your finger left or right, the caret or cursor goes in the same direction. If you are browsing the Web or a list of objects, the highlight skips from one to another in the direction of the finger. If that causes the page to scroll, then of course the page will have to go in the opposite direction.

    The optical mouse is not equivalent to your finger dragging the screen, and it's not designed to be.

  8. Guinness70

    Guinness70 Lurker

    I'm with you on this...
    logical or not : I'ld like to know how to change it, please?

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