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HTC Desire stuck in a bootlop

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by StuntmanMike07, Oct 24, 2019.

  1. StuntmanMike07

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    I joined this site specifically because while searching for a solution, I discovered this thread
    I am having an identical problem to that user. Every fix, every stumble, it's exactly the same.

    I woke up one night and my phone was booting up while charging. I thought it strange. Since then, it's been caught in an eternal boot-loop. And everything that's happened to me is the same as in that thread (only, it seems no solution there was found). I'll put in here as many specific details as I can, but for anybody that can help I also implore them to read that thread because it really covers ALL of the things I've tried that have failed. It's a complete 1:1

    The phone turns on, loads up for a few moments, but before anything has sufficiently started up, it immediately reboots. And it will just keep doing that over and over again until I physically pull the battery out.

    Generally I get a few moments of time when it loads up. It will never let me manually shut down/restart/run safe mode. That menu wont open when I press down on the power button now. I can move my apps around, open some of them for a few seconds, even uninstall one in the short window of time before it resets itself, but everything ultimately ends up back where it was on the next load-up. It would also seem that the app I choose to open will determine how quickly it chooses to restart.

    If I leave it off and plug in the charager, it will charge up fully. Then if I were to turn it on and let it do its bootloop, it'll do that for hours or until the battery overheats. Plus occasionally before the phone reboots, it gives me a crash error on some random app before shutting itself off.

    At the very least I'd like to know what program would read my SMS backup files from HTC. Because it sure as hell wouldn't work on any web browser or in a Samsung.

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  2. ocnbrze

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  3. Hadron

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    With SMS backups the solution is always to use a third party app: any manufacturer app runs the risk of being manufacturer-specific (why would they help you switch, after all?). For that reason I never used an HTC backup when I had an HTC phone, would never use a Samsung backup if I had a Samsung phone, etc. Which also unfortunately means that I don't know any details about htc's SMS Backup - all I can suggest is that maybe htc's pc software (whatever that's called these days) can read it.

    As for the problem, you should be able to boot into safe mode without needing that menu. It will involve holding a button down while rebooting the phone. Try restarting it then when the HTC logo appears press and hold the volume down key (if you do it too early you'll end up in the bootloader).

    Though to be honest I have a suspicion this may be a hardware problem. You could see whether it's more stable when cool (the trick is to cool it without producing condensation in it - don't just stick it in the fridge, at least not without protection like a bad with the air squeezed out and a towel around it). But if cooling it does help it will be temporary.
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