Dec 15, 2009

So, having lost my beloved G1 and having been told by my insurance that it was discontinued, I received an HTC Hero/G2 Touch in the post this morning, and I'm having serious issues with getting my custom notification tone to work.

I have placed the desired .mp3 file in media->audio->notifications, and it does indeed show up on my notification list in the settings menu. I have selected it, and it displays a lovely little green dot by its name.

HOWEVER. Every time I get a text, it still plays the stupid default tone. I've powered the phone on and off multiple times, deleted and re-copied the file, and yes, even tried applying it using the much-applauded Ringdroid app. The results are always the same. I can get it to show up. I can select it. I can, by all appearances, get it to set as my notification tone. But I can't make it sing "HAHAHAHA TRUMPETS" on cue as desired. I had no issue getting this same file to work on my G1 and am at a complete and utter loss.

Any suggestions? Please and thank you!

Ah, after an astounding amount of Googling over the course of the day, I've sorted it. If anyone else has this, the settings are in messages -> settings, NOT the usual sound settings, which is where it was on the G1. Success!
Thanks for this info, i have been trying over the last couple of days. I have even emailed HTC who have been woffaling about copying the file into a "windows folder" in the internal memory.

The way you have suggested has worked a treat. Thanks once again.
er... I'm confused... I'm trying to sort the same issue with my hero. I'm using Chompsms and know that its to do with the original message settings conflicting with the Chompsms tone settings, although I get "Run DMC tricky" playing first then "Spacehog" cuts in after. Dunno what I'm doing wrong... Are the settings the same on the Hero?

Where would the actual message tone be kept if I can find it on the phone. Can I delete it manualy and therefore stop the bloody thing! Or can you point me in the direction of how to disable "RUN DMC" and gag them permamently.

This is a guide on how to change the notification sound on the HTC Hero / G2 touch.

The way ive got it to work is as follows:

1. Make sure the file you wish to use as the notification tone is located in the MP3 folder on your SD Card (if you wish to cut the file to a shorter length then use "Ringdroid" app to cut it)
2. Make sure that you have the following directories on your SD Card (if you use Ringdroid these directories will already be created):
Media\audio\notifications and also media\audio\ringtones
3. Copy the file you wish to use into media\notifications.
4. Open messages using the widget (so you can see all your message threads)
5. Press menu button.
6. Press settings on the screen.
7. Scroll down to the bottom and press "Select sound"
8. Your file should be located in the list.
9. Select the file, and that should be it!!

Hope this helps for all users

Does anyone know how to get the at home program so I can use the backgrounds and icon tools? I am almost at the point of deleting and suffering with the preset backgrounds! Help please.