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HTC One Remix wont let me "click" on certain things.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dakirk08, Sep 29, 2015.

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    I need a little help here. I'm completely new to the forum, I've searched and searched and been on support calls but all to no avail. I am technologically competent, but this one has me stumped. I received an update for my HTC One Remix a few months ago and shortly there-after I had some "twitty" things happening. In Screenshot 1 I am clicking directly on the SEND button, but you can see it appears that I am pressing both above and below the actual button (I assure you I am actually pressing DIRECTLY on it). If I rotate my screen 90 degrees, then back to the same position I can click the send button. In Screenshot 2 I am pressing directly on the center of the SEARCH bar in Google CHROME. Again, I am clicking directly in the center, but the device is showing that I am clicking both above and below the bar. Rotate the phone and back and it works. This is driving me insane (specifically with texting). I have cleared caches and re-installed things, changed from DALVIK to ART...and back, I am at a loss. Any thoughts or input would be tremendously appreciated.

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