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General HTC Sync/Doubletwist and PdaNet conflict?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bigcountry494, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. bigcountry494

    bigcountry494 Member
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    Sep 19, 2010
    Colorado Rockies
    Hey all, first time posting, but this forum is a huge help!

    I just started playing around with PdaNet last week and now I'm using my Eris as my iPod replacement since that died on me. I use Doubletwist to sync up my playlists and now since I've been using PdaNet, Doubletwist won't recognize my phone. Is there a way around this? I know there was a warning during the setup, but I was hoping this wouldn't apply. I can live without HTC sync, but I'm not sure if that is required for syncing in Doubletwist.

    Also, have any Verizon users been hit with a big bill for tethering? I'm just wondering if I should drop my Comcast internet and just use the tethering. $60+ per month for cable is just asinine.

    Thanks in advance!


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