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HTC Wildfire Rooting advice

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by themadba, May 17, 2011.

  1. themadba

    themadba Lurker
    Thread Starter


    I have been thinking of rooting my HTC Wildfire for some time now. The whole rooting process looks easy, I just want to know if I can revert to my Original ROM if I don't want to be rooted anymore, and have no signs of a custom ROM along the way! I have looked on shipped-roms but I can't find the one that matches my phone. It is a Locked Tesco HTC Wildfire.

    Perhaps someone could help me as I would breathe easier if I knew I could revert to stock if I wanted to for "warranty reasons." Also, perhaps someone could give me some heads up on any problems I may run into during the whole rooting, custom ROM, overclocking process... Please don't post me to some website about rooting, I have looked over a hundred of these, I just want to know if I download a certain ROM and reflash it, it will 1) unroot my phone 2) leave no traces of an old custom ROM and 3) return my phone to its original stock ROM.

    Android version: 2.2.1

    Kernel version: (and some other stuff)

    Build number: 2.25.1107.1. CL300877 release-keys

    Software version: 2.25.1107.1

    Thank you.
    Will appreciate your response.

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  2. mecanician

    mecanician Newbie

    I think at the moment its not possible to root a wildfire running 2.2 unless you have a XTC clip or know of a shop that has one.
    I am waiting myself to root my sons wildfire,he's always complaining about battery life.
  3. Dotuletz2

    Dotuletz2 Lurker

    try juice defender extreme profile, it really helps cut down all those apps that drain battery. from charging every night i went to charging every second night... not much if you think at it, but it's better and it's a smartphone, so it drains faster
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