Help I can't hear!!!


Yes, I admit I am partially deaf from all the Hair Band concerts that I went to when I was younger but I can not hear at all on the incredible. I have the volume all the way turned up and I have the hardest time hearing. I mean it has to be dead quiet for me to hear the person talking to me. Any suggestions??????????


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I have the same problem from playing in bands and I can hear calls just fine Are you sure that you are turning up the voice call volume? I use the Audio Manager app and it has a separate control for voice call volume.
Make sure that you don't have the "hearing Aids" box checked under Menu:Settings:Call. I thought that would BOOST the volume as I wear hearing aids. For me it had the exact opposite effect. Maybe it just didn't work with my particular hearing aids but I know I found someone else who had the same difficulty hearing phone calls. Once we unchecked hearing aids the phone call volume was much better.