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I need help with my Titanium Backup!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 1324356565, Sep 9, 2011.

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    So I bought the pro version to Titanium Backup and I am simply trying to get the data from an app on my old Droid 3 to my new one. I back up everything on the phone. I take out the SD and put it on the new phone (rooted and with titanium pro) and it cant find anything? What am I suppose to do? (First time titanium user if you cant tell)


  2. ndoren

    ndoren Well-Known Member

    Something you might want to try... your external SD card is known to your new Droid as sdcard-ext. I think Titanium looks at sdcard by default. That's your internal storage, not your removable card. You can use something like root explorer to copy your titanium backup folder from the sdcard-ext (removable card) to the internal memory (sdcard). That's why I had to do with mybackup pro.

    Also, Titanium has a preference for the backup folder location. I think you can go to preferences within titanium and have it search your phone for the the folder location (it auto scans). Either or both of these options could work. Neall

    Update: Titanium's built-in directory search will search in the sdcard-ext directory so try that option and it should find your previous backup.
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