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Im not shy, Im just incarcerated

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by drhackit, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. drhackit

    drhackit Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Times are changing here in the big house. One of my bunk buddies just squeezed the esteem into his colon and now I am trying to figure out how to turn it on.

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  2. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Hello, drhackit.

    I don't know how you guys manage to pull this off, but welcome aboard. :)

    Since your here - You will want to check in to the forum for your specific device model. Choose your device model from the list here and join your device's area of support - where you'll find the other users of the same device love to hang out... and will be the best place to get device specific help.

    If you have any question(s), feel free to ask.
    Have fun.
  3. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic

    Welcome to AF drhackit:D

    If I understood you got your hands on an esteem...our forums dedicated to that phone are located here LG Esteem - Android Forums

    Generally to turn it on you just need to hold down the power button...if the battery is dead you will need to charge it first...

    Good luck with everytihng :)

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