I'm officially done......


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cleaning my pool that is. I leave for Mexico two weeks and come back to a once crystal blue swimming pool to a purple tint on the wall, floor and cleaning hose. Apparently since my pool pump was off and alot of rain came when I was gone it created a purple tint. Did some research to find out the water has magnesium which create the purple. I guess $80 will be added to my monthly bill for a pool cleaner. Never ends people!


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I am done cleaning my house. it feels good to know tht the house is clean for the new year .
Good luck maintaining the pool!


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Don't own property but know that pools can be a life sucker for some folks who own one.
But, like others have said, no sympathy here in the dead of winter about your pool. :p
I have to second the + for hot tubs. I love getting in the hot tub when it is negative degrees outside. Body is warm while hair is completely frozen.


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yeah.. pools are way over rated... so are boats. unless you use every week and often.

living in a community with HOA taking care of the pool.
renting a boat when needed.

so much better.


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Ok. Got my water checked and the algaecide had a reaction with the cold weather. Plus my cyanuric acid level is way to high. Another reason for the people tint.