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  • Hi, whats app? lol, corny I know, any who, I love my galaxy Ace but it doesn't seem to have much memory and most of it is taken up by updates, is there some way to get more memory without having to delete apps?

    do you know of any other thread from here or xda if there is a rooting method for the zte avid on ubuntu? thanks.
    Aw, sorry to hear you're sick. Hope you get well soon man and remember to drink your fluids. :) Look forward to seeing you around here soon. Peace man. :D
    Well, you do a fine, fine job in the Android Lounge with moving stuff. It is appreciated.:)
    Just sent you a pm.
    oh, I just wanna put wax on that head of yours now LOL :)
    And outrun you? nah, as far as average posts/day, you slay me:)
    Its funny, but ya pass 5k, then you got your eyes set on 6k and so forth.
    I like to help, chit chat, respond to intros, etc. Just as you do!
    Thanks man. I thought it came out pretty well.

    If you want me to toss a Santa hat (or do something else to it) on yours real quick - no prob. Just let me know.
    Yeah, I's friday, I'm feelin pretty good :) btw, thanks for the kudos in the weekly! And I want to thank YOU for doing all you do around here! I don't think there's anything you don't know LOL..there ya go--LOL LOL LOL :D
    I dont know but its weird that one of the only user profiles i go on to has the same birthday as me.
    Hi! My Name is Bernie presently working here in South Korea as Production Operator. Hello to everyone!
    haha....this is what happens sometimes---I start to type a reply, then the shop phone rings or something diverts my attention, then I finish my reply and find someone beat me to the punch :)'s all good :D
    Yay!! I will take a look tonight (as long as nothing comes up that prevents my computer time!)
    I think pretty good so far, thanks man! Gotta say though, you guys set the bar pretty high! :eek:
    Hey. I have no idea what Im doing. My galaxy 3 was sending pictures just fine and now it says "unable to attach. File not supported" I mean its just a regular picture to be sent via text, email, Facebook etc. Please help me
    DC, are you there? I'm rooting right now. I'm downloading SDK manager so I can run superoneclick. It's taking forever to download! I'm not sure if it's stuck or not. It's been downloading Intel x86 Atom forever! Not sure if I even need that or if I download just android version's been stuck on that x86 for an hour! Help!
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