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Incredible on Pageplus

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ohmthugs, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. ohmthugs

    ohmthugs Lurker
    Thread Starter

    can any one help/guide me how to flash my incredible to pageplus.


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  2. donald7777

    donald7777 Lurker

    I just activated my htc increable on page plus it was very easy.

    1. go to Page Plus Cellular - Page Plus Wireless - At least 6% discount on Refills!
    2. click on Services and select new service activation
    3. enter in requested info.
    4. pay $6
    5. you will receive an email with the rest of the instructions which are easy

    To complete the second part of the activation process, follow the steps outlined below:

    1. From your mobile phone, dial: *228 and Press "Send" or "Call" (for Alltel phones, dial *22800 or try *228). Put the phone to your ear, & when prompted, choose option "1." For Palm Pixi's, go to PagePlusDirect.com - Palm Pixi Plus Programming Instructions .

    2. Over the air programming should begin. Wait for the "Programming Successful" confirmation.

    3. Your phone may try to shut itself off - let it.

    4. When it comes back on, attempt to make a test call with the phone to your ear. You should get a message that says,

  3. donald7777

    donald7777 Lurker

    I got the $10 plan which has 100 minutes since the phone right now is only for emergancys and I am poor. :(

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