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Incredible S poor reception/wifi

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sauce2k, May 26, 2011.

  1. sauce2k

    sauce2k Lurker
    Thread Starter

    OMFG...this is absolutely a joke..got the phone ealier this week everything is perfect except for the reception and wifi range..

    i mean whats with the reception jumpin up and down all the time

    and plus wifi?wtf....(i read that gingerbread does not work well wif wifi??)..

    anyone have the same issue?

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  2. Bagbug

    Bagbug Member

    My phone is the only one who can get a good reception where I live. Apple, Nokia, Samsung, LG, name it, I had all of them and none can match this HTC IMO.

    And the Wi-Fi signal is also excellent.
  3. plom3

    plom3 Newbie

    Yep mines exactly the same, and I've had phone and sim replaced! Awful! What network are you on?
  4. plom3

    plom3 Newbie


    I went into the carphone warhouse again, after having the phone replaced, sim replaced and being on the phone to several people at customer services. the guy in the shop fixed it straight away by going into my settings! Apparently this is quite a common problem with HTC's. If you are having signal problems do the following: go into Settings. Wireless and networks. mobile networks. network mode. Then change it to 'gsm only'. If you need high speed internet for downloading something its best to change it back to gsm/wcdma auto but otherwise gsm is great! Ive had full signal all day and my battery is lasting ages! I am so pleased!
  5. gadgetmann

    gadgetmann Newbie

    Hiya. I'm having the exact same problem with my HTC Sensation. It's late and I don't have 3G signal in my house but can anyone tell me? If I set my phone to GSM only, won't I be completely disabling 3G mode when I am out & about?
  6. djbenny1

    djbenny1 Newbie

    turning off 3G is quite possibly the most rediculous fix ive ever heard of.

    i do get drop outs occasionally, ive noticed with both network signal and moreso with wifi.

    as far as network is concerned it hasnt really affected me so far it hasnt dropped during a call or anything but i dont make a huge number of calls to be fair.

    wifi does happen quite often and can be annoying, but im holding out for a fix because i didnt have the problem on froyo.
  7. deanfarnaby

    deanfarnaby Newbie

    There was an issue with the EU gingerbread update (The people who got updated early).

    I'm unsure if this issue was fixed with the UK roll out but I don't think so.

    Essentially they set the wifi to d/c if the signal strengh dropped below -88db (I think). As far as I have been made aware this is a perfectly use-able signal strengh so I don't know why they have set it to this.

    I have to smoke outside, I often sit in the shed which was way out of wifi range. So I bought a repeater. Still the signal drops all the time. I have like 4 out of 5 bars on the wifi icon, then suddenly it just drops to no signal and 5 - 10 seconds later it's back again. If I use my laptop I have no problems at all

    To be honest it doesnt effect me browsing, but I can't youtube as everytime the signal drops the video fails to play and I have to restart it.

    If your phone is rooted you can fix this. The code is highlighted on XDA , they also have a custom rom with the fix in place.

    Obviously you can't root the IS without a hardware mod as far as I am aware. Bit of a bummer as HTC have now agreed not to lock their boot loader. Typical that I buy the only HTC that you can't root - Clever....

    I don't see HTC fixing this in a hurry. Would be simple enough to do another OTA update. To be honest it should of been fixed before we recieved our update, I presumed this was the cause of the massive delay in getting the update to the UK. Many people informed HTC of the error , then they stopped the update for about 2 weeks, the update finally came through and it doesn't seem that they have fixed it.

    Turning mobile data off simple stops the wifi from d/c'ing completely and using 3g instead, it does not fix the issue, wifi still drops and you still need to wait for signal strengh to increase.

    I'm going to complain about this to HTC now. Basically I'm going to go down the road of , My phone is "unuseable" , either fix it or replace it. Something like that.

    I'll be back

  8. deanfarnaby

    deanfarnaby Newbie

    Menu > Settings > Wireless and networks > Wifi settings > Menu > Advanced.

    Tick Best performance

    This is HTC answer....

    They confirmed that -88db is the current setting. So I can't see this stopping it from dropping, Although HTC said is uses more battery to boost the "range" of the wifi. So this may help .. Will test tonight
  9. applemanthai

    applemanthai Newbie

    I havent tried the XDA ROM but I have tried every other setting.... .still leaves with crap signal.... Wifi is basically unusable..... so annoying.....

    I emailed HTC again and was told to go to offices in Bangkok so they could flash a new ROM.... that aint going to fix it.

    I am basically going to go back to Jaymart in Bangkok and demand a new handset....... this one just doesnt work!

    So now I have to go back to the start again and figure out a new phone...... this is on the MASSIVE assumption that they will allow me to change the phone....

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