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Initial Setup

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lexluthor, May 18, 2010.

  1. lexluthor

    lexluthor Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I have my HTC Incredible coming soon.

    I have a gmail account as my main personal email/contacts/calendar. I also have a hosted exchange account as my work email/contacts/calendar.

    I was thinking that I'll set up my gmail account as my main account on my Incredible and I'll use Activesync/Exchange for my work email.

    When the phone syncs these accounts, what is going to happen to my contacts and calendars? Will they still be split up? Can I view the personal and work contacts and calendars individually?

    What I'm really worried about is that my exchange contacts/calendar will sync back out to my gmail contacts/calendar and vice versa.

    I don't want that to happen.

    So how exactly does this work? Do I have different setup options that I need to set before I do this all to make sure it's how I want?

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    INTREPID-NY Android Enthusiast

    No worries; they're separate.
  3. lexluthor

    lexluthor Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Ok. That's perfect then.

    The manual seemed to make it look at way, where I can view all or one or the other, but I saw someone else post earlier today that their exchange contacts synced out to their gmail contacts.

    So they'll be a toggle to show all contacts, gmail contacts and exchange contacts?
  4. themonk

    themonk Newbie

    its more like a filter to not show gmail, facebook or exchange contacts
  5. lexluthor

    lexluthor Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    But, either way, my gmail contacts won't sync to my exchange server and my exchange contacts won't sync to my gmail server, right?
  6. themonk

    themonk Newbie

    Yes - it all lives on the phone. Gmail contacts won't sync up to exchange or vise versa.

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