Root Insertcoin V1.1.4 ROM upgrade help


Hi all, I currently have the ROM InsertCoin Sense 2.1 A2SD+ 1.1.3 installed on the phone but every time I try to flash the incremental upgrade InsertCoin Sense 2.1 A2SD+ 1.1.4 I get the following error message "E: missing file: framework/"

Can someone please point me in the right direction?

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In amonra recovery, go to "other" and toggle off signature verification. Then flash. You will need to do this on all unsigned zips you try to flash.

Reason for the error: zips are often signed and recovery verifies that signature. But the signature is 100% reliant on the content of the zip. If a file is added, removed or changed, the signature no longer matches the content of the zip, hence the error indicating which file has changed


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Thanks suroot, I had previously disabled security but I didn't realise that it toggled back on when the phone was rebooted :rolleyes: