Help International Dialing rule


"International dialing" restricts the input of more than 10 characters

Home screen -> Menu -> Settings -> Call Settings ->International dialing ("North American Dialing" option has to unchecked before altering that settings)

The need for it is - in your phone book if you have international phone number saved as "+ (country code) (city code) (phone number)", that option will replace the "+" sign. If you using pinless phone card(for international call) all you have to do is in the field "International Dialing" set up a rule - access phone number, few pauses and 011 - so your area in "International Dialing" would look like that - XXX XXX XXXX ppp 011 - where X's are the access phone number for your phone card, P- pause and 011 is the number that you would start the dialing with. so instead dialing direct with you cell phone company and pay HUGE $$$$ per minute - you can use pinless prepaid international phone card to dial overseas.
I had numerous other phones and none of them had any restrictions in the amount of numbers you can place in that field.
Hopefully it is clear enough for what I'm trying to achieve.

Thank you for your time!